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Can you identify that if the CalculateShipping function throws an error, what is written to the browser? Choose all the messaged that are displayed. (opt ALL that apply)


Different source files are used by a web page to generate markup. The following syntax is used by button controls in some source files: < input type"button"/ While with other source files, the following syntax is used by the button controls: < button/> You are required to set the background color of all button controls to blue, no matter what syntax is used. Which of the following code segment would you use to accomplish the task?


Can you identify that if the VerifyDestinationAddress function throws an error, what is written to the browser? Choose all the messaged that are displayed. (opt ALL that apply)


Can you identify that if the CreatePackages function throws an error, what is written to the browser? Choose all the messaged that are displayed. (opt ALL that apply)


You use HTMLS and JavaScript to develop a web application. You decide to use XMLHttpRequest to download an image file asynchronously. You have to make sure the image you wanted to download is downloaded as as binary data. What would be your step of action? A. Before invoking the send() method, set the responseType of the XMLHttpRequest object to 'document'


You use HTML5 WebSocket API to create an online chat room. If you want get WebSocket messages, which of the following event types would you listen to?

A. Open
B. Message
C. Close
D. Send

Following is written the markup that exists on a web page: < html> < head> < style> section article {background-color:red} article ( background-colorgreen) .light{ background-coloryellow} .light article{ background-colorlightskyblue} < /style> < /head> < body> < section classr"light" styler"background-colordarkgrey", < article> Can you identify the background color of the article element, considering the above given markup is a sample article?

A. Green.
B. Yellow
C. Red
D. Light Sky blue

Following is given the HTML4 markup that exists on a page: < body> < div ideheadeCh < div idemenunh < div idemainContent"/> < div idefooteel> < /body> Which of the following markup would you use if you want to replace the above given markup with semantic HTMLS structural elements?


You are required to define a JavaScript object having two properties. The properties are named firstName and lastName. Identify the code segment you would use if the firstName property is initialized to Jamie and the lastName property is initialized to Smith. (opt ALL that apply)


You have a web page that has the following JavaScript code: var number = 2: function Initialize() { var number = 4; } Initialize(); number += 10; Can you identify the number variable value once the code is run?

A. 10
B. 14
C. 12
D. NaN

There are numerous paragraph elements contained by a web page. The border style, weight and color of the element must be replicated as that of element's parent element. Identify the CSS rule that will help you achieve the goal.

A. p border:important}
B. p { border:inherit}
C. p { border:parent}
D. p { border:default}

You decide to style a web page dynamically using CSS3 and jQuery. You want to set the background of every paragraph element that is the third paragraph element of its parent element to green. As an example, take a look at the following markup where you want to find the paragraph element that displays Paragraph 3: < div> < div idr"div1"/> < p>Paragraph 1< /p> < div idr"div2"/> < p>Paragraph 2 < p>Paragraph 3< /p> < /div> Which code segment would help you write the correct code to accomplish your goal?


You are tasked to implement a web-based chat application using JavaScript and HTML5. For bi-directional communication, WebSocket application programming interface (API) is used. wss://ChatService is the URL where a chat service is connected to the application. You need to implement a callback to write a message to the browser when it is received from the server. Identify the code segment you must be using.


A web-page has the following code (you can see the line numbers for reference purposes only): 01 try 02 ( 03 CalculateShipping(): 04 ) 05 catch(e) 06 07 CalculateDefaultShipping(): 08 ) 09 10 function CalculateShipping() 11 ( 12 try 13 14 Packageltems(): 15 GetGroundRateQ: 16 GetAirRate(): 17 ) 18 catch(e) 19 { 20 LogError(e): 21} 22 ) What would you do if you are to make sure the CalculateDefaultShipping function is called only if the LogError function is called?


A web page consists of the following markup: < html> < head> < style> p ( background-color:red) .light{ background-color:pink) .light p( background-color:yellow} < /style> < /head> < /body> < div class="light" style="background-color:green"> < p>This is some sample text< /p> < /div> < /body> < /html> Can you identify which of the following is the background color or the the paragraph element?

A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Green
D. Pink

A web page consists of the following markup: < table> < to> < td>Name:< /td> < td>< input idname" type"text"/>< /td> < /tr> < tr> < tc1>Age< /td> < td>< input idage" type"number"/>< /td> < kr> < tr> < td>Salary< /td> < td>< input id=" salary" typer"number"/>< /td> < /tr> < /table> The color of background should turn green as soon as the mouse pointer enters an input element. Identify the jQuery segment you would use to write the code and make this happen.


A web page is being developed and it will retrieve data from a web service at http://service.qs.com/Exams. Following is the format in which the web service returns data: ("Exams":] ("ID":"70-480", "Title":"Programming in HTMLS with JavaScript and CSS3"}, ("ID":"70-481", "Title":"Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps"), ("ID":"70-482", "Title":sAdvanced Windows Store App Development")] Following is the code you write so the first exam’s title is retrieved: (you will see line numbers for reference purposes): 01 var request = new XMLHttpRequesto; 02 requestopen("GET", "http://service.qs.com/Exams", false): 03 request.send(); 04 05 var title = doc.Exams[0].Title; Identify the code segment you would add at line 04 in order to complete the implementation.


You are building a webpage using HTML5 and CSS3. There are various anchor links in the webpage. There are a few links that are using the HTTPS protocol to target URLs. You need to highlight these links with a different color. Identify the CSS selector you would use.


Users can trier JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)-encoded data into an input field named data in a specific webpage. You have to make sure the data is JSON-encoded for which you must var date the data. Identify the code segment you should use.


A webpage consists of following markup and JavaScript code (you will see line numbers for reference purposes): 01 < button idebutton'>Accelerate< /button> 02 function vehicle() 03 ( 04 this.speed = 0: 05 ) 06 vehicle.prototype.accelerateAfterClick = function() 07( 08 this.speed = this.speed • 2 - 1: 09 button.onclick = function() 10 ( 11 window.alert(this.speed): 12 }: 13 }: 14 var car = new vehicle(): 15 car.accelerateAfterClick(): There is an alert message saying “undefined” as you click the button. What step would you take if you are required to modify this markup or code and have the alert message display the value of the speed variable correctly?


You can hide a user interface element using the following JavaScript code: function Hide(element, onhidden) { II Code omitted to hide the element onhidden(): Can you identify the correct code segment to use if you want to call the Hide function to an object named button and display a message box after the object is hidden?


Here is the markup a webpage has on it: < form> First Name: < Input id="FirstName" type="text7>< ba> Last Name: < input id="LastName" type="text"/>< brb < /form> Look at the following format: FirstNamerJamie & LastNameSmith You want to generate a query string using the values of the form in the above-mentioned format. What two actions would you take? (opt any TWO)

Sample Question - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480)


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