Python Libraries Bundle - Scrapy, SciPy, NumPy, IPython, BeautifulSoup

Python Coding from the line of command is not a fun-filled venture as soon as you step into the lengthier form code.


Python Coding from the line of command is not a fun-filled venture as soon as you step into the lengthier form code.

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Course Information

About this course:

Web-page scraping data is considered to be a difficult job. However, this can be changed. You can scrap data by using XPath or CSS with Scrapy. It is definite that you will find an effective solution that is good for you along with the several examples from both approaches. Regardless of being on a single page or multiple pages of your targeting data, Scrapy proves to be extremely productive for it. Whether the information is inside a list or not, it allows you to dig out explicit examples directly from the list. Making your work for Scrapy is not a difficult task to tackle. Scrapy serves as a really productive library of Python. If you are at ease with Python, CSS or XPath, you will be at ease with Scrapy too.

Computing tasks are kind of a difficult concept to handle. Performing different mathematical functions in code is complex. However, with the Scipy library of Python at our disposal, it is easy to understand the different models present which are informing the exact appropriate method to devise and execute complex computing functions for the sake of computation. The first lesson of the course is a proper clarification about Scipy. Afterwards, it is about the installation process. From there, the lessons are about the fundamental numerical calculations and subsequently moving into further developed computations. Towards the end, the couple of exercises is about finding out the full abilities of Scipy. Scipy is meant for those who wish to perform thorough, complex computations and not have the program impede computing them. If you are determined and ready to find out the ways of designing the most complicated function for mathematics in code, this course is just what you need.

At the end of the course, you will have complete understanding of the features of Numpy and the time to utilize them. Essentially, Numpy is used in the computing of the matrix. In the training, we will be doing several different models explicit to the computing of matrix, that will allow you to see the various circumstances in which Numpy is highly productive. There are a number of computational libraries of computing present to access for Python. It is crucial to know when to choose one over the other. With the help of comprehensive practical activities, you will find out where Numpy is amazing and construct extensively the situations in which Numpy is overall effective. You will also find out how to install Numpy.

Python Coding from the line of command is not a fun-filled venture as soon as you step into the lengthier form code. The line of command is fundamentally not meant for that. This is where iPython steps into view. At the end of this course, you will fully understand iPython. This will even become your primary editing tool of Python. Apart from that, you will be taught on the comparison of Jupyter and iPython. With the help of different models and different circumstances, you will be able to understand of the ways in which iPython is a highly productive Python editorial manager for long-structure code in contrast to the line of command. You will know how to enter a code, markdown for remarks and edit/rearrange code whenever it is needed.

BeautifulSoup is a popular library of Python for retrieving any form of information from live pages or HTML. The benefit is that it is not confined to a solitary site page. You can attain information from any page of the website. Understanding the ways of discovering information inside the HTML tree is really effective in oorder to get focused on information. This course will teach you just that. There, you will be able to create a parsing rule to get it by using BeautifulSoup. With all these components of the course, you will be confident in your ability to retrieve information from pages of websites.

Learning objectives:

The course has the following learning objectives:

  • Python Scientific Computing of NumPy with Python
  • Python SciPy the Python Library of Open Source
  • Studying iPython the Full Python IDE
  • Python Web Data of Scrapy Scrape by using Python
  • Using Python BeautifulSoup for amazing web data extraction

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