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Top Challenges Faced by by IT Managers and Directors Across the Country

Tending to the IT skills training needs of hundreds of large and small organizations over the last two decades, we have recognized the following as the major challenges faced by IT managers, directors, and leaders across the states:

  • It’s a struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies
  • It is hard to find people with the right skill set
  • A number of technology related tasks have to be outsourced
  • It is hard to retain IT staff
  • Execution on businesses plans is often delayed, deadlines are missed frequently
  • Internal mobility for IT employees is nonexistent, and that contributes to turnover

In some organizations, the budget dedicated to training is very limited. In others, most of the budget dedicated to IT skills training is spent on IT leaders who are then tasked with training others, resulting in loss of productivity.

How Our Master Subscription Addresses These Challenges

Our Master subscription is a product created specifically to address these challenges. It is an annual subscription that gives you access to hundreds of courses along with any courses we add to the subscription throughout the year.


You pay once for a Master Subscription, and you are done for the year. This means that if you have five people in your technology team, you can purchase five Master Subscriptions and not worry about moving your training budget throughout the year.

Finding Highly Skilled Employees

By investing in IT skills training, you start grooming talent in-house. This means you do not have to start searching for highly skilled employees every time a new system or process is being introduced in the organization, since you already have highly skilled employees at your disposal. Furthermore, this means you can minimize the number of times you have to outsource a technology related task.

Keeping Up With Technology

Our Master Subscription gives you access to the latest courseware, training materials, instructors, and a cognitive learning platform, all maniacally focused on keeping you up to speed with the latest technologies.

Improving Productivity

When you employees are equipped with the right skills, their productivity improves. By investing in IT skills training with QuickStart, you improve:

  • Employee’ performance
  • Internal mobility
  • Loyalty and staff retention

Our Master Subscription empowers you to choose the new skills your workforce gains, so you can equip them with the skill set that helps them perform better at their job and meet the needs of your operation in the future.