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Assess Your Teams

Assess Your Teams

Our CLIPP platform allows you to assess your teams competencies against the projects and goals they are trying to achieve using adaptive learning, assessments, and customized learning paths. CLIPP Provides you and your team insights into their readiness and identifies the gaps that may exist.

Assess Your Teams

Personalized Experience

Ai identifies the skillset gaps and provides curated content, courses, and learning paths in every modality, personalizing your learning experience. Our platform creates adaptive learning paths based on basic, intermediate, and advanced courses, as well as certifications, and only exposes your teams to the learning they need.


ROI Analytics & Insights

CLIPP has workforce readiness insights that exposes skillset gaps that are required to project goals and objectives set for your teams, which is a key ROI metric for training budgets. Insights include modality, team completion and certifications, and more. QuickStart gives you a clear line of sight to ROI on your training dollars in real time.


QuickStart offers multi-modality training courses, certifications and exam preps in the following emerging technologies:

Cyber security, DevOps, Data Science, Cloud, AppDev, SDN, Storage, and ITSM.

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master plan

Master Plan

The only subscription in the industry that gives you access to:

  • A library of self-paced, virtual instructor-led, & coaching
  • Accredited official courses & certifications
  • Certified from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, ITIL, & Citrix
  • Exam preps, assessments, and learning paths
  • Emerging tech like DevOps, Cloud, InfoSec, AppDev, & more
Learn Plan

Learn Plan

This subscription gives you access to:

  • Hundreds of self-paced courses
  • Accredited official courses & certifications
  • Emerging technologies in the categories of DevOps, Cloud, Cyber security, App Dev, SDN, Data Science and ITSM
Free Plan

Free Plan

This subscription is completely free and offers:

  • 30+ IT self-paced training courses
  • Perfect for lifelong learning
  • Live weekly training sessions on networking, color, cyber security, devops, and more.
QuickStart Measures Training Experience, Instructor Effectiveness, And Overall Customer Service Weekly.

Workforce Productivity

Increased WorkForce Productivity

Instructor Effectiveness

Instructor And Course Effectiveness


NPS Score

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5-Star Review

Our University Uses This.

We were able to train 50 employees with over $300,000 worth of training for just under $100,000. We were able to accomplish this in a 12 month span. By far the best value for our prominent University.

Major University
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5-Star Review

Taught Multiple Teams At Once.

Our numerous system admins, data architects, and IT analysts from across our airports IT divisions have utilized training through subscription to upgrade their skills on an entire domain of technology for a flat rate.

International Airport Organization
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5-Star Review

We Created A Stronger WorkForce!

"We gained access to hundreds of online and virtual instructor-led courses that our employees could take throughout the year. The live labs for the classes and platform created a personalized experience for all our employees. "

National Insurance Agency
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