Why QuickStart?

QuickStart is a leading provider of educational programs for the IT industry. For over 25 years, QuickStart has been providing superior IT and certification training. With cutting-edge learning technologies and highly qualified instructors we have empowered thousands of IT professionals to become experts in their fields. We have won Learning Partner of the Year awards from numerous IT market leaders, including Microsoft, Citrix, CompTIA, Red Hat, and CRM magazine, and we are aiming for more. Gain the knowledge, skills and credentials you need to excel in your career with QuickStart Training. Today, our mission is to help IT organizations and professionals improve performance excellence and career growth with the industry’s only multi-modality, AI-based IT learning and development platform.

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Leading Providers
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Leading Provider in IT Training

For more than 25 years, QuickStart has been providing state-of-the-art IT training to organizations and their employees.
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Authorized Learning Partner

QuickStart is an authorized learning partner for all of the IT industry leaders, including Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, Dell, Microsoft, NetApp and VMware.
High Certification Pass Rates
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High Certification Pass Rates

QuickStart consistently maintains one of the highest certification pass rates in the industry.
Top Rated Instructors
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Top Rated Instructors

QuickStart instructors are all experts in their field with current industry experience and proven teaching skills.
World Wide Training
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World Wide Training

QuickStart is available at our state-of-the-art virtual instructor-led and self-paced training technologies. Training is also offered onsite at your company, through various learning centers, and online from anywhere in the world.
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Accelerated BootCamps

QuickStart is a recognized innovator in learning paths and accelerated IT boot camps designed to provide the exact knowledge and skills you need to certify and succeed quickly.
Multiple Platforms
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Multiple Platforms

To fit your scheduling and learning needs, QuickStart offers a variety of proven instruction formats, including: onsite, virtual-instructor led, self-paced or any combination.
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Customized Courses

To more fully empower your employees, QuickStart can customize the curriculum to focus specifically on the way your company uses the technology.
Customer Service
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World Class Customer Service

We offer not only outstanding student support, but provide unsurpassed customer service. Our mission goes beyond your specified learning outcome to include your professional success and satisfaction.
QuickStart Training Partners
Training Partners

QuickStart Training is an authorized learning partner for all of the IT industry leaders, including Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, Dell, Microsoft, NetApp and VMware, and delivers high quality training solutions that maximize the return on your IT training investment.

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