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Personalize The Learning Experience To Meet Your Goals and Objectives

Learner Engagement I Enablement I Adoption I IT Workforce Readiness Analytics

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Do These Challenges Resonate with You

OLD WAY OF Implementing learning and development Plan… looks familiar?

But that's the old way of doing things.
Our surveys and research over the past three years indicate

What Learners Prefer:

Prefer to learn at the point of need

Prefer to Informal Learning

Prefer to Learn At their own Pace

Prefer to Learn Through Instructors

Prefer to Learn by Doing

Prefer to Learn By Collaborating

Therefore learner engagement has gone down by 30-40%, ultimately impacting goals, objectives or outcomes

Achieving IT Workforce Readiness With CLIPP

QuickStart Way

  • QuickStart’s Workforce Readiness Platform uses AI and multi-modal knowledge transfer. It uses QS Learn, a Proprietary Instructional Methodology that turns training into a high impact, customized and personalized learning experience.
  • Personalized Learning – AI enabled process that can personalize learning based on i) competencies you want to master ii) Goals iii) Projects you are working on
  • Multi-Modal delivery – ability for learners to choose self-paced online courses, instructor led training, informal learning, bite-sized micro-learning, mentoring, social learning, and collaborative learning
  • AI Curated Content – aggregate content anywhere learning content or assets reside, such as online, on SharePoint, on your LMS, run our AI algorithms on the content to curate it and expose it to the learner based on their personalized settings
  • Self-Directed Learning – Powerful search capability based on AI that will give you search results based on your personalized learning preferences based on your competencies, goals and projects that you are working on
  • Bite-Sized learning – our AI algorithms allow you to search videos and convert them into micro-learning segments and the video will play the content based on the search
  • Adaptive Learning Paths – AI enabled learning paths that will ONLY expose and push content to a learner based on their competency levels.
  • Ask Ed (AI based virtual mentor) – the learner can ask any technical questions to solve your problems
  • Voice Activated Learning (VAL) – the learner can use Alexa to take a quiz
  • Mentoring – the learner can ask any questions to solve their technical problems
  • Virtual Labs – hands on virtual labs for a better learning experience
  • Insights & Analytics – provide analytics around workforce readiness gaps against your goals, sources and delivery of content and learner engagement levels etc. to make key business decisions.
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Projects Fail and Organizations Fail To Meet their Goals Because Their Workforce is NOT Ready

  • You’ve invested millions of dollars in hardware and software – will that help achieve your goals?
  • You’ve performed all kinds of analyses, put together plans, and are ready to hit the ground running
  • Yet, your project keeps running into roadblock after roadblock, you keep missing deadline after deadline, the cost continues to go up and goals continue to slip – Sounds familiar?
  • If you want to make sure projects are completed within the deadline and within budget, you have to make sure your workforce is ready and skilled.

Gets Insights into the Workforce Readiness of your IT team, Map Their Training Plan To Your Goals and Objectives, Personalize their Learning experience

Learners Engagement Increases

Increase Project Success Rate

Increase Goal Attainment

CLIPP – World’s First Workforce Readiness Platform Using AI And Multi-Modal Delivery

Clyde Wilson
Clyde Wilson

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 - Virtual Instructor-Live Course

" John is very personable and fun to spend a week training with. He did a great job of providing examples from his personal experience without turning them into boastful war stories like some instructors do. He paced the lessons well, and obviously had a firm grasp on the material. "

5-Star Review
Heather Kinney
Heather Kinney

Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell - Virtual Instructor-Live Course

" I thought Paul did an outstanding job making this course consumable. I had very little knowledge about PowerShell prior to this course and feel like I am walking away 100% more prepared to start using it! His cadence of material break points and personal stories made this class outstanding. "

5-Star Review
Tyler Pelkey
Tyler Pelkey

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) - Virtual Instructor-Live Course

" Ahzar knows a lot about the subject and is more than willing to share what he knows. He encouraged interaction and questions checked progress with questions/situations and reviewed topics. He also shared lots of material to assist in studying and encouraged interaction after the course. This shows his dedication to success.

5-Star Review
Melanie Snyder

Implementing a Data Warehouse MS SQL Server - Virtual Instructor-Live Course

" I like Jeff's approach on presenting the course material through real life situations. It is effective in understanding and applying the knowledge. I don't like when instructors read from manuals. I can do that on my own. Jeff is a great instructor and communicator."

5-Star Review
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