Academic Partnerships

As a current partner to some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities, QuickStart can be trusted to launch your students’ IT careers.

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35 Years of Industry Expertise

QuickStart has provided training for the IT Industry since 1988. This includes many of the academic institutions that partner with us today. Before successfully launching our university bootcamps in 2019, we provided training for IT teams at dozens of universities and colleges. These relationships were the main steppingstone for our Academic Partner Division. We look forward to continuing to grow our academic partnerships and to helping students prepare for the workforce and launch successful careers in the IT field.

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5 Reasons to Partner with QuickStart

  • We provide a world class learning experience you can proudly stand behind.
  • We are excited to help develop the industries’ next class of IT Professionals.
  • There are millions of IT jobs unfilled each month and the gap between qualified candidates and job opportunities is growing - we can help bridge that gap.
  • We can help you to provide options for your non-degree seeking students that value the connection to their local university.
  • We offer unparalleled partner support.

Current University Partners That Trust Our Training Programs

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What Can I Expect From a Partnership With QuickStart?

Best Student Support

Best Student Support in the Industry

Developing world-class technologists is at the forefront of what we do and providing our students with access to live real-time support is essential. Our bootcamp participants have access to an instructor, associate instructor, academic advisor, and a team of mentors available around the clock.
Marketing Support

Marketing Support

The QuickStart marketing team will ensure that your branding guidelines and requirements are adhered to. We’ll promote our partnership and training opportunities through several channels and provide you with the content to do the same. Also, paid marketing costs are 100% covered by QuickStart!
Business Development

Business Development

Our team works hard to establish partnerships with local community members that can help our mutual students reach their potential. This includes building relationships with funding agencies, collaborating with local employers on capstone projects, and developing partnerships for unique student experiences such as apprenticeships/internships.
Job Placement Support

Job Placement Support for Students

Our career services team is there to guide your students through the job search process every step of the way. We start off with resume review and interview coaching. Next, we work with each student to develop their career goals and objectives. We provide students with the best practices when applying for positions, and we enable job notifications from our employer partners.

Our Certification Programs

We have a catalog of over 800 certification level courses ranging from self-paced to live virtual instructor led and can customize any of these experiences. We leverage the following technologies:

CompTIA Security+

Information Security

AWS Certifications

Cloud Engineering

Azure AI Engineer

Big Data / Data Science

ITIL 4 Foundation

IT Management (ITSM)

Certified Agile DevOps Practitioner


Web Developer Certification

Application Development

Office 365 Enterprise Administrator

Business Productivity


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is QuickStart accredited?

QuickStart is not accredited in the same way that a traditional university is. We are an authorized training provider for Microsoft, NetApp, Google, AWS, Cisco, and others. Many of our academic partners offer our programs as non-credit training through their professional and continuing education office. If you are interested in offering college credit for our bootcamps, we will assist with the application to your accrediting body.

Does QuickStart offer financial aid?

Our training is typically offered as non-credit, so traditional financial aid is not an option for our students. However, we do offer the option of payment plans to students who cannot pay the full upfront cost.

How long has QuickStart been in business?

QuickStart was founded in 1988 and has over 35 years of training experience. We pride ourselves on providing training for many Fortune 5000 companies and government organizations.

How does QuickStart Career Services help students?

Our Career Services team is here to support students every step of the way. It starts with a comprehensive review of their career goals. Once career goals have been established, we get to work on building each student’s “marketing toolkit”. This includes a professional LinkedIn profile, a GitHub profile, and portfolio, if applicable. We then help students streamline and automate their job search process, and stay involved for up to 6 months beyond their graduation date.

Do you have employer partners that actively recruit your students?

Yes! Technology jobs continue to go unfilled at staggering rates and employers count us to close that gap. Our employer partners value the quality of employees that our students turn into, which continues to open the door for future graduates.

How much money can your bootcamp participants expect to earn upon completion?

There are a lot of factors that determine starting salaries but $50,000 is on the low end of starting pay and $150,000 is on the high end.

Do you offer customized training?

Yes. We can customize any of the learning tracks that we have available. Our course library consists of 800+ certification level courses, which we can deliver in both self-paced or virtual instructor led. We are also customize how often our classes meet each week.

Are certifications included with your bootcamps?

Yes! Each one of our bootcamps include at least 1 certification voucher.

QuickStart Training


"It’s an excellent start to cyber security. The course will introduce you to the fundamentals that you need to know to understand cybersecurity fully. The instructors also did a great job presenting each topic. Whatever method they used kind of increased my interest in the course and prompted me to learn more. Now I can work with python. I understand hacking and the security threats to networks,

QuickStart Training


"Starting as a beginner, I fell in love with this course. In this course, I was able to work on different projects like simple HTML pages to complex tasks like complete JavaScript-based Google Chrome extension. I must say that my tutors were willing to help me every step of the way. In the end, I realized that web development wasn't complicated, like I always thought. I learned more

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