Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (MS-20778)

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The primary of “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” course is to provide a deep insight of data analysis using the Power BI or Power Business Intelligence.


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The primary of “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” course is to provide a deep insight of data analysis using the Power BI or Power Business Intelligence.

Course Information

About this course:

The primary of “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” course is to provide a deep insight of data analysis using the Power BI or Power Business Intelligence. The key components of this course includes a service of Power BI, visualization, and the Power BI Mobile application. 

Anyone who is looking to boost their career should enroll in this course. It is estimated that on average, Business Intelligence Analyst are earning up to $60,297 per annum.

Course Objective:

The primary object of this course is to offer basic knowledge of Data science training:

  • To conduct Power BI service
  • Working with Power BI data
  • Execution of Power BI desktop data transformation
  • Connect Data stores
  • Power BI desktop Visualization
  • Collaboration with the data of Excel
  • Power BI desktop modeling depiction
  • Power BI developer API


SQL server Report creators


This course contains several perquisites to help student gain the knowledge with better understanding of the topics:

Should have working experience with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office Applications

Should have working understanding of Report and Relational Database

Prior experience in programming construct (branching and looping) would be a plus


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will this training benefit me in my current job role?

This training will help you in your Job’s current role by learning and getting hands on experience in the following areas:
  • What is Business Intelligence Self Service and the trends which have been followed in the past, and how BI Self Service has evolved into Real Time Analytics.
  • Getting in depth knowledge about Power BI suite of products and how you can use Power BI to support your business model and implement Business Intelligence Solutions.
  • Learn how Power BI can be useful in connecting to various data sources, Importing the data and creating beautiful visualizations through it to make key-business decisions.
  • Get your hands-on Shaping and Combining the data to make your reports more meaningful for data insights and future insights.
  • Learn how to Model your data to support your business model.
  • Explore various visualizations available in Power BI to create powerful reports from different data sources and present them during the meetings to make key-business decisions.
  • You will also learn how you can easily connect to Azure Cloud Platform and get the data into Power BI Desktop and Publish the reports on Power BI Portal/Service or Power BI on Premise report server. Not only you will learn how to connect to Azure Cloud Platform but, also how you can connect to other cloud sources from SaaS providers(Oracle, Apache Hadoop etc.)
  • You will learn how to write Rest API’s to create Power BI mobile app using three REST API’s supported by Power BI for Windows, IOS and Android Operating Systems.
  • View the Dashboards, Reports, Friend’s comments on Power BI mobile app. Share Dashboard tiles with your colleagues and get live data on your mobile apps whenever its updated.

Q2. What is the exam criteria for the course?

Following is the exam criteria/format of this course:

  • Consuming and Transforming Data By using Power BI Desktop: topics from this area which includes: Connecting to data sources, performing transformations and cleansing data will be integral part of the exam. Make sure you are well prepared on how to connect to various data sources from Power BI Desktop to Excel, SQL Azure, SSAS, Big Data and many other different data sources supported by Power BI. You should also be well versed with how to transform the data, apply business rules and change data format to support visualizations. Furthermore, It is important you are good at cleaning and formatting the data to meet business quality requirements.
  • Modeling and Visualizing Data: Topics you will be evaluated in this part of the exam will be: Optimization of Data Models using Power Query, Creation of Calculated Columns, Measures and Tables, Measuring performance of KPI’s through gauge and cards. Creation of Hierarchies, Formatting of Interactive Visualizations and Management of custom reporting solutions.
  • Configure Dashboards, Reports and app in Power BI Service: questions from this section will have approximately 25 to 30% weightage but, may vary as per Microsoft’s policy. In order to make sure you ace this section, Prepare yourself on the following topics: How to access On-Premises Data from Power BI Service, How to configure Dashboard on Power BI Service/Portal, How to publish reports on web which might include publishing it to SharePoint online, one drive for personal and business usage, Configuration of security for dashboards, reports and apps and how to configure apps and apps workspace in Power BI Service/Portal.

Q3. What is Power BI certification?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of tools to analyze your data and extract business insights from it through building interactive dashboards. This Power BI Training course will help you get the most out of Power BI, enabling you to solve business problems and improve operations.

Q4. Once the Power BI Report is Published to the cloud, Can it be refreshed?

Yes, By using gateways the Power BI Reports can be refreshed after they are published to cloud.

Q5. How many types of filters are available in Power BI Reports?

Three types of filters are available in Power BI Reports, and they are:

  • Report-level Filters
  • Visual-level Filters
  • Page-level Filters

Q6. What is the purpose of Power Query in Power BI?

Power Query is a mashup and data processing software which is mainly used to connect various data sources. The output that is generated by Power Query can either go to Power BI or Excel

Q5. What does rank function do?

RANK function calculates the regular competition rank and returns the identical values. In the second argument, you can ask for Ascending or Descending values accordingly.

Q6. What does MID function do?

MID function returns the string characters from the specified index position. On the string, it can be possible to extract the number of positions that we required to have.

Q7. What is a slicer in terms of Business Intelligence ?

It is a canvas visual channel which is utilized in Power BI work area where clients who are survey can section the report by utilizing esteems like geometric district ,it is one of the significant channel in representation.

Q8. What is the contrast among SUM and SUMX in DAX work?

Total capacity takes the sections of information and total it and will give the aggregate however sumX capacity gives you a chance to channel the information which you are including

Q9. What is Natural language search choice in Power BI? A characteristic language-based learning for communicate with information as a feature of the Power BI for Office 365 advertising. As you type your inquiry picks the best perception to show your answer; and the representation changes powerfully as you alter the inquiry. Likewise causes you group your inquiry with recommendations, auto-complete, and spelling amendments.

Q10. What are the various sources that you worked away at ?

Power BI bolsters huge scope of information sources. You can snap get information and it demonstrates to all of you the accessible information associations. It enables you to associate with various level files, SQL database, and Azure cloud or even web stages, for example, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Salesforce objects.

More Information

More Information
Brand Microsoft
Subjects Big Data, Business Productivity
Lab Access Yes
Technology Microsoft
Learning Style Virtual Classroom
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Intermediate
Course Duration 3 Days
Language English
SATV Value 3
VPA Discount VPA Discount


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