5 Common Jobs Requiring JavaScript Skills

JavaScript is and will remain to be hot in demand for the next couple of years, to say the least. The programming language continues to be widely used by the enterprises that have a positive impact on several parts of the technology stacks. Jobs looking for people skilled in JavaScript were, far-and-away, the most plentiful, mentioned in about 14% of the job listings, says IT World.

Lately, the language has significantly collaborated with HTML5 and CSS to build web front-ends and with the Node.js servers to build web back-ends. JavaScript can also be found in mobile applications. Its versatile compatibility with all popular web browsers and platforms has made the language quite prevalent among designers and product owners.  

JavaScript also has excelled in delivering user impact when it comes to responsive websites and mobile applications. With popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, complex data interactions like in-line filtering, instant feedback, and context-based rules are now ready for manipulation and implementation.  

With the growth of JavaScript, the demand for JavaScript skills in professionals has also increased. Organizations are on an active lookout for these 5 common jobs that require JavaScript skills: 

Front-End Web Development 

Front-end developers use the big threes to code their websites, i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The amount of hiring jobs for JavaScript stands tall at second position with more than 8,500 jobs being advertised each month.  

According to Daxx.com, the number of web development positions is expected to have grown by 27% by 2024 as compared to 2014 levels, which is an enormous 148.5K additional web development job.   

An experienced developer can clearly state that the language that gives developers control and power to build complex front-end web applications is JavaScript. Hence, the demand for JS front-end developers is not just rising, but lucrative for developers. 

According to Stack Over Flow, front-end developers are highest in demand in comparison to the number of developers available. This naturally puts developers in a more benefiting place.  

Full-Stack Web Development 

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of web presence to stay relevant in the market. This has led to rise in demand of web developers, especially those with JavaScript skills. 

With the rapid growth of a full stack JavaScript development with Angular.js and Node.js, the market demand for full stack JavaScript developers is in hype and rocketing. According to data from Indeed.com, JavaScript stack developers earn most with as much as $93,000.  

According to RemoteOk, full-stack JavaScript developers top the list of in-demand full-stack developers.  

“Engineers with solid computer science fundamentals and knowledge of a modern stack won’t go looking for work”, says Mark Stagno, principal consultant for the software technology practice at WinterWyman Search. “This could be full-stack engineers or UI-focused developers who know JavaScript and a modern library such as AngularJS or React,” he says. (Source: InfoWorld) 


Information Security Software Developers 

Bulletproof coding is something that every business and organization seek today. Readily available and easy-to-incorporate open-source libraries for JavaScript have raised the demand for security developers who are well versed in JS.  

This powerful language can interact with plenty of frameworks with standardized APIs out there like Phone Gap, Cordova, Node Webkit, etc. which gives JS flexibility and power to the developer.  

An engineer can very well code HTML5 and JavaScript desktop software or alternatively give access to native system applications like camera, GPS, or messages. When used altogether, it makes for a potent source code for hackers to play around with. 

This might be one of the reasons to why JavaScript is the top programming language choice among startups. 

WordPress Development 

With over 60 million websites running and powered by WordPress, it is used by 58.5% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 27.3% of all websites.  

It is, thus, not at all surprising that requirement for developers to maintain and develop WordPress sites is too high. Most of these recruitments prefer developers who are skilled in JavaScript. It is because using JavaScript will improve visual displays and allow several page effects. It will also add user interactivity and provide integration with user plug-ins.  

PHP and JS Development  

Several businesses are seeking for PHP developers that are also skilled in JavaScript. This is because JavaScript is an excellent tool to have at your disposal when you are building a website. All front-end language code, such as HTML and CSS, can dynamically be modified using JS. Without JS, the application you will build will belong to the bygone era of 1995-2000, lacking the user experience.  

Some Other Jobs Take Require Javascript Skills Are

    1. Freelancer 
    2. WordPress Speed Optimization Expert 
    3. Web Development for IT cloud and colocation website 
    4. WooCommerce Developer 
    5. Shopify Coder 
    6. Web Design & Electronic Repositories 
    7. Java Expert 
    8. E-Commerce Website Development 

The JavaScript ecosystem continues to grow, and the demand for developers who know pure and specific JS libraries and frameworks is high. Therefore, learning JavaScript is a safe bet and laudable one.  

Where To Begin? 

Several thriving online communities of users and developers share their experiences in various forums and make their tested and reliable code freely available in various libraries and frameworks. There are also numerous websites offering free tutorials and training in JavaScript programming. 

QuickStart Is Your Best Friend  

QuickStart is an online IT training platform that provides comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals.  

The Introductory JavaScript course intends to teach its apprentices the practical details of JavaScript programming. It is critical for anyone who wishes to get into web development and wants to learn more about JavaScript. Another advanced course follows this introduction to JavaScript for anyone who wants to learn all about this money-spinning language.