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Faisal Khwaja

Faisal Khwaja
Faisal Khwaja

Faisal has a decade of experience in leading IT teams in the areas of Development, Infrastructure and DevOps. He and his team helped move the organization from On-Premises to AWS Cloud platform. He played a key role in architecture of AWS Platform. With his years of development experience, he and his team made the groundbreaking workforce readiness platform (CLIPP).

  1. 5 Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Computing Environment

    5 Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Computing Environment

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    Virtual and remote work has increasingly become more popular. To keep up with the demand, individuals and businesses evolved and invested in cloud computing methods, like virtualization. Virtualization is the process of making a virtual version of something, such as storage devices, network resources, operating systems, and hardware platforms.  

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  2. Why and How Cloud Computing Certification can help improve your KPIs

    Why and How Cloud Computing Certification can help improve your KPIs

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing has been around for about twenty years and regardless of the data featuring the business efficiencies, cash saving points of interest, and advantages it holds, a tremendous piece of the business neighborhood on working without it. As indicated by an examination by the International Data Group, 69% of organizations are now utilizing cloud innovation to some limit, and 18% say they intend to execute Cloud computing arrangements sooner or later. Simultaneously, Dell reports that organizations that put resources into large information, cloud, portability, and security appreciate up to 53% quicker income development than their rivals. As this information shows, an expanding number of technically knowledgeable organizations and industry pioneers perceive the numerous advantages of the Cloud computing pattern. Regardless, more than that, they are using this development to all more profitably run their affiliations, better serve their customers, and essentially increase their overall generally speaking incomes.
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  3. How to Get Into a Top Cloud Bootcamp In 2021

    How to Get into a Top Cloud Bootcamp in 2021

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Bootcamps
    Cloud computing seems to be an extensively understandable topic, refer to the shift of the data sharing, storing, and accessibility from the physical tools of old school or else databases towards the Cloud. Contrary to the limited flexibility of data on the physical databases, the Cloud permits the consumers to access, archive, and sharing of data from every corner of the globe. All you need to access such kind of data is only - the internet. Still, companies are struggling to find out the topmost experts of Cloud computing - who have the skills to design operational and lucrative Cloud solutions according to the requirements of a business.
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    How to Launch Your Career in Artificial Intelligence

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven
    AI is a computer science field that explores the development of intelligent machines that respond and work like humans. Few of the tasks developed for computers with artificial intelligence include:
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  5. How To Become Cloud Architect

    What Is a Cloud Architect?

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Career Driven
    The cloud is one of the buzziest points in technology today, however, numerous clients have just the vaguest thought of what it is and what it does. All in all, what is the cloud? Basically, it's any computing that happens remotely using the web instead of locally on the equipment before you. Your gadget allows you to order the action and view the outcomes, yet it's not really accomplishing the work.
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  6. How Can Effective Change Management Increase Your Company’s Revenue

    How Can Effective Change Management Increase Your Company’s Revenue

    Categories: Business Productivity , IT Ops & Management
    An association's development can regularly be estimated through their change management measure. Most developed associations have a solid change management measure set up, and it goes implicit that numerous not really developed associations will in general disregard change management until they hit an acknowledgment.
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  7. Azure vs AWS: Cloud Market Share 2020

    Azure vs. AWS: Cloud Market Share 2021

    Categories: Cloud Computing , AWS , Azure
    The two most prominent players in the global cloud computing market, AWS and Azure, have dominated the market for years. Combined their market share accounts for over half of the industry — with no signs of slowing down.
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  8. comptia certification, comptia certification path, comptia

    CompTIA Certification Guide

    Categories: Information Security , Cloud Computing , IT Ops & Management , DevOps

    CompTIA is a globally recognized certification body that developed multiple courses for modern IT professionals. People interested in advancing their IT career can take online CompTIA certification courses.

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