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  1. What Is CT005AC? AWS DevOps Certification Cost, Prerequisites, Overview

    What Is AWS DevOps Certification? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview

    Categories: DevOps
    Attaining an Amazon Web Service certificate is beyond a shadow of a doubt that seems to be the topmost noteworthy career decision - which a person would make. It assists experts as well as beginners to enhance their self-assurance and reliability by authenticating their skills with the knowledge through those certifications - which are acknowledged by the industry. The professionals of Amazon Web Service are extremely demanding. Moreover, achieving an AWS certificate will assist you to upgrade your cloud computing expertise and also keep finding a profitable job in an active and stimulating organization.
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  2. Why Scrum Teams Fail? Here's How to Ensure Success

    Categories: Business Productivity , DevOps
    Do you get the sneaking doubt that Scrum doesn't generally appear to work for you and you wonder when this agile craze will pass? You're in good company if you feel like Agile isn't substantially more than a week after week status meetings and demos of your work in progress. A vital piece of human instinct is to look for comfort in what has worked previously and maintain a strategic distance from any adjustment later on. Be that as it may, our previous encounters are frequently damaged by particular memory, and failed to remember subtleties of our awful encounters. Week by week sprints, continuous review meetings, test-driven development, everyday gatherings, and different code commits/day, pair programming, and code audits can feel like an errand and cause your colleagues to feel exhausted.
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  3. Agile Scrum Cheat Sheet

    Agile Scrum Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Business Productivity , DevOps , Cheat Sheet
    Scrum is a framework that is used to address complicated problems, increase productivity and produce high-valued products. It is not so much a process but a way of developing processes that can be adaptable to any business and team. Although simple to understand, Scrum is difficult to master. This guide discusses the basics of Scrum for those interested in The following information can help you review Scrum, especially when you are taking a test or are being interviewed about Scrum. about our Agile Scrum Master certification training.
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  4. How Agile Processes Affect the Role of Engineering Manager

    How Agile Processes Affect the Role of Engineering Manager

    Categories: DevOps , Project Management
    A successful agile engineering manager is a key individual from the development group. Like software development groups in general and agile software development groups specifically, a successful manager is in a steady condition of evolution and advancement. A good engineering manager encourages his team mates to acquire relevant project management certifications like agile scrum master certification.
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  5. A Complete Juniper Certification Guide

    A Complete Juniper Certification Guide

    Categories: Cloud Computing , DevOps
    Juniper Networks assists organizations with building robust networks by offering networking hardware, administrations, and its own network operating system, Junos. Juniper Networks, with around 9,800 workers around the world, offers networking services to the world's best 100 specialist organizations like banks, stock trades, government offices, health associations, and different other ventures.
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  6. Agile Vs. ITIL: Two Divergent Paths To DevOps

    Agile Vs. ITIL: Two Divergent Paths To DevOps

    Categories: DevOps
    Today, many IT companies are growing their IT organizations using Information Technology Infrastructure Library or as shortly called ITIL and other significant industry frameworks for ITSM (IT Service Management). They are focusing on improving their service quality. Notwithstanding quality, organizations are attempting to assemble agility, with the rise of new technology and methodology like Agile Software Development.
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  7. Is ITIL Better or DevOps?

    Is ITIL Better or DevOps?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , DevOps
    ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a set of guidelines to manage IT services. The basic purpose of ITIL is to integrate IT services with business requirements. The guidelines and practices of ITIL assist organizations in mitigating risks, develop a strong connection with customers, implement cost-efficient strategies, and, most importantly helps to develop an IT environment that can elevate and adopt changes over time. ITIL is designed to regulate the planning, delivery, and maintenance of IT services within an organization’s operations. The purpose of ITIL is to enhance efficacy and accomplish expected service delivery.
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  8. Tips and Tricks to use Kubernetes

    Tips and Tricks to use Kubernetes

    Categories: DevOps
    Kubernetes is a project of Google that was launched in the year 2014. The origin of this name is from Greek which means helmsman or pilot.  Kubernetes is an open platform that is portable and extensible. It allows managing a pile of workloads and services by easing both declarative configuration and automation. Kubernetes tools and support systems are widely used across the globe because it has an extensively huge ecosystem.
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