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Must Known Tips for Using MS Office

Must Known Tips for Using MS Office

Microsoft Office is a software which is present in almost every computer. It is a significant tool as it proves to be useful consistently. You need it whether you are a professional, a student, or a retiree. It helps in documentation as it can offer all the basic tools required for advanced documentation. It is exceptionally easy to use the application, and it is extremely user-friendly.

If you need to master this tool, it is significant that you thoroughly understand the features of the tool. Significantly, you realize how to utilize each feature so you can make excellent and extraordinary documents. Every year there is a new version of MS Office released, and it accompanies new features.

Microsoft office features are commonly concealed somewhere down in the menu. It is very difficult to think about them if you don't have the foggiest idea of what to search for. Knowing Microsoft's search keywords is extraordinary and it is basic to know the right words to look for the required alternate way. Is it a line? Or wrap text? Is it a pivot table?

Let us concentrate considerably more on MS Office:

We as a whole use MS Office products like MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on just about a regular schedule, but then we battle to complete scarcely any tasks while trying to understand where everything is and how every one of these things functions. Did you realize that we utilize just about 10% of every application's complete abilities? Particularly when there’s a deadline, the exact opposite thing you need to do is sit around idly doing repetitive things on Office which should effectively be possible utilizing Microsoft office tricks and tips or potentially a 'hack'.

The distinction between a Microsoft Office beginner and a specialist is that the specialist really knows all these covered up nitty critters about utilizing these applications. Presently you should be considering how to think about these features and use them proficiently. It isn't unreasonably troublesome.

There are a lot of ways to do this – either you can take as much time as is needed while you attempt to find these all alone, Or then again, you can leave the disclosure to the specialists and feed off their insight. The most ideal approach to increase your productivity while utilizing these programs is to redo how you need them to work. Don't have a clue how? Try not to stress. We'll give you how you can utilize it consistently by utilizing some Microsoft office tips. You can also enroll in our Microsoft office 365 certification to ace the MS Office suite. But first, let’s have a look at some features.

1. The Smart Outlook Feature:

This is a feature that makes it simpler to discover realities through web crawlers. It assists with taking a gander at the setting of the content which you have chosen and inspect the conditions that may encompass it and give you all the pertinent outcomes. This feature is accessible in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

2. The ‘Tell Me’ Feature:

It is an exceptionally helpful feature as it is the quickest method of getting to the features you have to utilize or activity you need to perform. You should simply type a word or expression that is identified with the tasks that you need to perform. The box will show a menu where you can see the suggestions. It causes getting to the features that you need. If you need some assistance, you can likewise get that with the customary helper viewer.

3. Up-To-Date Documents With MS Office Professional:

With Microsoft Office Professional, you can keep up the documents up-to-date. It offers the feature of including the most recent date and time to the document. When you edit the document on some other date, at that point you can put the current time and date on it. It just takes seconds. It is conceivable that you may neglect to refresh the date and time, so word offers a feature that helps in refreshing it naturally.

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Must-Known Tips For Using MS Office

Having discussed the features, let’s move to must-known tips for using MS Office:

Tip 1: Using Read Mode On Word 2013

Do you get yourself reading plenty of documents? Assuming this is the case, at that point you should be exploiting the Read Mode. You can utilize the on-screen arrows to effectively abandon one page to another, or in case you're utilizing a touchscreen gadget, basically swipe the page and you will be moved to the next page. In Read Mode, just right-tap on any words that you aren't familiar with for a short definition. Furthermore, if you need a more clear perspective on a chart, table, or graph, just tap on it for a very close glance at it

Tip 2: Select And Highlight Text Easily

Do you want to highlight the whole paragraph? Assuming this is the case, just triple-click on any single sentence in the paragraph. Want to highlight a specific sentence? Assuming this is the case, hold the CTRL-key and click any word in the sentence that you need to highlight.

Tip 3: Fill In Cells Rapidly Using Flash Fill Feature In Excel 2013

Do you want to fill in the cells following a proper pattern? Is column C the city name of the employees mentioned in column B? Provided that this is true, when utilizing Flash Fill, you'll have the choice to let this amazing tool do the work for you? Spare your time and lift your productivity with this tip.

Tip 4: A Shortcut Cheat Sheet For Outlook 2013

Regardless of how long you've been receiving email in Outlook, a couple of cheat keys can boost your productivity.

  • Alt+S: send email
  • Ctrl+G: go to date
  • Ctrl+R: reply to an email
  • Alt+R: Reply to all in email
  • Ctrl+M: F9 to send/receive all
  • Alt+W: Weekly calendar view

Tip 5: Limiting Email Notifications In Outlook 2013

Getting countless emails can hurt your bright mood especially on a Monday. Luckily, Outlook 2013 empowers you to restrict them. You'll need to tap on Mail Options, then make Outlook rules with the goal that you'll possibly get alerts when specific individuals/authorities send you an email. Just add as many rules as you want and declutter your email box in a minute.

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