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  1. Most Underutilized Services in Office 365 and How to Use Them Effectively

    Most Underutilized Services in Office 365 and How to Use Them Effectively

    Categories: Business Productivity, Microsoft
    Everyone has a dedicated corporate email, isn't that so? Alongside email, a large portion of our work in the corporate world depends on our schedules, spreadsheets, pdf, and word documents to complete our tasks. These tools make associations all over the U.S. talk of the town due to their success stories.
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  2. How To Enhance Your Productivity Using Microsoft Office 365 And Sharepoint

    How To Enhance Your Productivity Using Microsoft Office 365 And Sharepoint

    Categories: Microsoft
    With the wide scope of regular tasks that office professionals perform ever-expanding, it very well may be difficult to realize which task to organize following the set priorities and simple to get impeded with the measure of tasks you have to achieve.
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  3. Office 365 Vs Office 19

    Office 365 Vs Office 19

    Categories: Microsoft, Technology Comparison
    Have you at any point considered what the difference between Office 365 and Office 19 is? Is it right to say that they aren't both simply the most recent version of the MS Office apps we use each day? For some people, this can be confusing – but you don’t need to worry because we will help you gain proficiency with the contrast between the two and comprehend which is best you and also your organization.
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  4. 5 In-Demand Azure Jobs In 2020

    5 In-Demand Azure Jobs In 2020

    Categories: Microsoft, Career Driven
    Cloud computing has been a proven success at organizational as well as individual-level for a long time. The concept goes back around the 1960s, but the past couple of decades have witnessed a need to secure humungous amounts of data on the cloud. The emergence of 4G and other sources of continuous connectivity have also played a considerable role in the widespread use of cloud computing. While for individuals, it is more of a cost-efficient way to secure data, for organizations, it is all about increased security and remote access to important data.
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  5. Office 365: A Guide to the Updates

    Office 365: A Guide to the Updates

    Categories: Microsoft
    Microsoft office suite holds a market share of 42% in the US as of April 2020. The number is undeniable evidence of the huge customer base of Microsoft 365 apps. The growing popularity has been steady due to the continuous updates released by Microsoft. To make the solutions easier to use, more convenient in functionality, and more efficient in solving problems, updates in terms of features and security are released every month. Microsoft has also made changes to the update channels for MS 365 Apps, introducing ‘Monthly Update Channel’ serving the purpose of the previous version ‘Monthly Channel,’ but more schedule oriented and predictable. While the new channel update is here, Monthly Channel will be renamed to the Current Channel. Let’s get to the details of what the latest feature update Version 2003 (Build 12624 20588) has for MS 365 Apps users
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  6. A Guide for SQL Programmers

    A Guide for SQL Programmers

    Categories: Microsoft, Programming Language
    SQL, also known as Structured Query Language, is a standard language program used to access and operate databases for digital products. It generates requests from a user’s program to the database. The language is used to store and edit the data in a server.
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  7. Customer Success Kit and Remote Work Guide

    Customer Success Kit and Remote Work Guide

    Categories: Microsoft
    Microsoft Corporation was originated on 4th April 1974 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in New Mexico. The corporation was developed to sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. Currently, Microsoft best selling products include windows OS, Xbox, Microsoft Office, Bling, and Microsoft Azure.
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  8. Boosting Your Career: Azure Vs. AWS

    Boosting Your Career in the Cloud: Azure Vs. AWS

    Categories: Cloud Computing, Microsoft, Career Driven, AWS, Technology Comparison
    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service provider. Azure provides several services for developing, deploying, and handling applications that run through Microsoft data centers to developers, operations engineers, and IT professionals. As the world is gradually moving towards the cloud- computing industry, the demand for Microsoft Azure and certified Azure professionals is also increasing. Microsoft Azure has determinedly taken over the market by providing a low and high level of infrastructure and cloud services. The services provided by Azure make it certain that it has conquered its space in the market; hence it’s very obvious that the future of Microsoft Azure is bright.
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