Thanks to our digital age, written communication has become more and more prominent with emails and text messages being a prime source of connection among colleagues.

But while technology has made it easier to communicate, it has also caused us to become lax about the quality of our writing.

In business, being able to correctly and clearly communicate your ideas is imperative to success, and even small mistakes have the potential to be disastrous.

I’m not just talking about missing commas and incorrect usages of the word ‘their.’

If your email lacks clarity, it may have prospective clients questioning your competency.

Therefore, we’ve provided 4 useful tips to help you improve your professional writing and ultimately impress your coworkers.

Take a look!

  1. Read

    Take the time to read as many sources as you can. When you have the opportunity to look at the writing of others, you can compare it to your own and realize some mistakes you may be making.

    Was there a report or email from a supervisor that you found particularly impressive? Examine these a bit more and try to mimic their writing techniques in the future.

  2. Practice

    Yes, the saying “practice makes perfect” is definitely a cliché, but only because it truly works. The more you write, the easier it will become.

  3. Motivate

    To encourage you to practice, list your reasons for wanting to write better. Are you looking for a promotion? Is your lack of clear communication keeping you from making that sale?

    Find your motivation and strive towards your goal.

  4. Get Feedback

Ask peers that you trust to take a look at your presentation before you hit “send.” Be sure to ask them for feedback on overall tone and style, and to not only point out grammatical errors.

Implement these tips into your writing routine and you’ll improve your professional communication skills in no time!

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