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The organization you work for wants to expand its operations to Europe region. The foremost priority of the organization is to understand measures and improvements you must make regarding protextion of private customer data saved in the cloud. For that, you have to find the appropriate documentation that mentions the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules for different Dynamics 365 apps you will be running. Identify the source you would use.


An Azure Virtual Machine (VM) is to be deployed by your team. Can you identify the tool that will do an automatic resource analysis, based on which you shall receive optimization recommendations?

A. Azure Advisor
B. Azure Monitor
C. Azure Resource Health
D. Azure Helper

You have a development team in your organization. You want to build an app for which your team needs to have their services talk to Microsoft Flow so a set of actions and triggers can be leveraged. Identify the tool you would use.

A. Common Data Service
B. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
C. Trigger
D. Connector

You are hired as a technical consultant and tasked to pull in data from various applications that is used within a customer's business system. Can you identify the technology provided by Microsoft that gathers and unifies data in order for it to be easily accessed by multiple applications?

A. Microsoft Flow
B. Common Data Model
C. Common Data Service
D. Microsoft Power 51

You are required to add another security level for Azure portal log in. You plan on using the multi-factor authentication (MFA). Identify the three other authentication methods that can be used with MFA.

A. password
B. Solving a captcha
C. Microsoft Authenticator app
D. Voice call

Your company has established for the salespersons to use the Dynamics 365 for sales application. There is a new potential customer, for which you are required to register and control relationships in the software. Can you identify the three action steps you can take on the Dynamics 365 software? (opt any THREE)


You are working for a vehicle rental organization, working as an administrator. You are renting vehicles to an agriculture company on a regular basis, with a constant number of vehicles. The client wants to arrange a regular vehicle maintenance every three months. What application will you choose if you want to automate this process?


Identify the application that can only be licensed by an organization only.


You are working for an organization as a system administrator. You are required to use Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) and create an object containing name of the customer, his telephone number and his address. Identify from options below the type of object you should create.

A. Entity
B. Duplicate detection rules

You work for a company that uses Dynamics 365 Online along with Azure. You have to check if your applications are aligned and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Can you identify the right tool to do that?

A. Compliance Manager
B. Service Trust Portal
C. Microsoft Trust Center
D. Azure Government compliance

In order to provide personalized offers to customers, you plan to track their current buying interests and trends. A Dynamics 365 application must be used for this purpose. Can you identify which one would it be?


You work for an organization that has recently decided to Dynamics 365 applications. You work for a financial organization. You are required to execute quick development and implementation of various customizations to meet business needs. You must not spend extra time getting code verified. Choose the best Dynamic 365 deployment to meet your goal.

A. On-premises
B. Power platform
C. Azure
D. Government cloud deployment

Working as an HR manager, you are tasked to hire a new resource. What Dynamic 365 app would you choose to use to manage the hiring process?


You are working for a company where Dynamics 365 was deployed and used for Finance and Operations. Microsoft was yet to release an update of the software. You are required to make sure any new updates released do not disturb your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations functionality. Identify where would you start installing the updates from?


There is a new team member recently hired. You must allow the new member to access Common Data Service (CDS) data stored in Dynamics 365 for Sales. Can you identify the first step you will take?


You are working for a company and using Dynamics 365 for Sales software. There is a potential customer who is expecting a proposal from your side. You qualify a lead and convert it to an opportunity. Can you identify the next two actions you should take? (opt any TWO)


You are tasked to create a web application that will collect customer feedback against the products sold on an online store. Customers will send raw data that will be collected and processed by the application. Identify the API you must use if you want to do the following with the data: -Detect the language -Extract key phrases -Analyze customer sentiments Identify the API you should use.

A. Content Moderator
B. Text Analytics
C. Language Understanding (LUIS)
D. Translator Text

Dynamics 365 on-premises is run in your organization. Your sales department needs a new form to be developed. You need to deploy this application to your production environment. What will be your first step of action?


You work for a company where a cost-effective application for Dynamics 365 online is planned to be created. There must be numerous different functions in the application with an option for customers to pay for whichever functions they use. Can you identify the most suitable cloud computing model you should choose?

A. Containers
B. Serverless computing
C. Storage
D. Virtual machine(VMs)
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