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Modern Desktop Administrator: Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101)

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Microsoft Managing Modern Desktop (MD-101) Sample Exam Questions


Your organization runs a network that is configured as an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. An Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) domain is also there in the network. The domain clients are all hybrid Azure AD-joined. Most of the organization’s clients that are on-premises are upgraded recently to Windows 10. An Enterprise E5 Microsoft 365 license is used. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client is run on all client computers. You want to deploy configurations to domain clients using SCCM. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) online service is subscribed by the organization. You are required to create an onboarding configuration file so you can configure onboarding to support ATP for domain-joined clients. Identify which of the following would you use to create the file?


The organization you are working in subscribes to Microsoft 365 subscription. Enterprise Mobility and Security is included in the subscription. Devices run on IOS are used by the members of a group named Marketing. You are required to make sure that members of the group Marketing can use Company Portal to install Microsoft OneDrive. What would be you step of action?


A device you have, running Windows 10 Enterprise, is named Devicel. Devicel is registered with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Can you identify a command-line tool you would use to confirm this Devicel is Azure AD joined?

A. Dsregcmd
B. Dsregcmd
C. Dsget
D. Dsmgmt

An organization named OrganizationA has 400 mobile devices running on the network. These devices are running both iOS and Android as operating systems. You want Microsoft Intune to be implemented for the purpose of Mobile Device Management (MDM). With every device enrolled in Microsfot Intune, you need to prevent devices running an IOS older than 12.0. Identify which of the options below would you use?


There are 25,000 devices in OrganizationA. All the devices are running Windows 10. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is used to manage all Windows 10 devices and Microsoft Intune is used to co-manage the devices. Following are the workloads that have been shifted to Microsoft Intune: -Compliance policies -Windows Update policies The devices are all running on Windows 10. All of them are hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) joined. All the devices are configured for Upgrade Readiness. You need to craft a a report that reflects device enrollment and compliance information. Following is the information this report must contain: -Device Name -Managed By -Compliance -Enrollment Date -Last Check-in Identify the tool you would use, making sure there are least administrative costs spent.


Your organization has computers configured to a network. The computers are running on Windows 10. The computers are configured with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) domain as hybrid joined. Same System Center Operations Manager management group is used for all domain computers. There is an Azure Log Analytics workspace called DefWorkspace. While installing the Microsoft Monitoring Agent on your domain computers, you had specified this workspace. This workspace can also receive data from another management group named Operations Manager. Another Log Analytics workspace is created and named as SpecWorkspace, where you want event log and performance data to be written. It must be ensured that the domain computers send data to the new workspace while also continue to send data to DefWorkspace. Can you identify which of the following will you use to configure this?


There are 2,500 devices in OrganizationA. All devices are running Windows 10. Both Windows Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are hybrid joined with these devices. Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) is allowed for all employees. There is an organizational unit (OU) named OU1 that contains devices that are running Windows 10. A Group Policy object named PolicyI is linked to OU1. To configure PolicyI, following requirements must be met: -Prevent ESR from syncing wireless profiles -Minimize interference with other ESR sync groups. Choose from the options below the setting you should configure?


There are devices in your organization that are on-premises Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) hybrid-joined. These devices are all enrolled in Microsoft Intune. Offices are located in Singapore, Australia and UK with hundreds of users in each office. There is a requirement to migrate mailboxes of users to Exchange Online. It is required that the users must only be able to access mailboxes in Exchange Online while they’re at the office locations. What step would youWhat should you do?


Your organization has subscribed to Microsoft 365 and Azure. The devices are running Windows 10. All devices are managed by Microsoft Intune. You are using Windows Analytics for device health monitoring. The devices running Windows 10 will be monitored. You want the devices to send telemetry data to Windows Analytics. What step would you take to do this configuration?


Your organization runs a network that is configured as an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is being used to manage Windows 10 domain member devices. The organization has subscribed to Azure with domain users running Microsoft work accounts. The organization wants to monitor Windows 10 clients using Windows Analytics Device Health. You are required to add the Device Health solution to your Azure subscription and enrol the devices in Windows Analytics. What step would take first?


Your organization uses multiple sources to pull and collect data into a Log Analytics workbook. The sources incude: -Azure resources -Operations Manager -Configuration Manager


Your organization has network devices running the following -Windows 10 -Android -iOS -macOS You are required by the organization to implement compliance policies and conditional access. The devices are enrolled with Intune. Compliance policies are created by you and assigned to the devices. Noncompliant devices are given a status of Not compliant. You want a notification to be received by the device user in case its device is identified out of compliance. What will be your first step?


An organization has 300 devices that are corporate owned. All the devices have Android and are enrolled in Microsoft Intune. Here are the configurations required by these devices: -Fingerprint unlock -Always-on VPN You are required to create a device configuration profile that fulfil the requirements mentioned above. Can you identify the two most suitable categories you would configure? (opt any TWO)

A. System security
B. Device password
C. Work profile settings
D. Connectivity

An organization named OrganizationA has 10,000 devices. All the devices are running Windows 10. You plan to implement Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management (MDM). You want all Windows 10 devices to have automatic enrolment for which you need to configure Microsoft Intune. Can you identify two most appropriate actions to take in this situation? (opt any TWO)


There are 3,000 devices at OrganizationA, and all are running Windows 10. All the devices are enrolled in Microsoft Intune and are hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) joined. There is a named location in Azure AD. It is named HQ and has an IP range of For devices that access Office 365 Exchange from a network other than HQ, you want to apply Multi Factor Authentication. Which tool would you choose to use in order to configure the correct policy?


Your organization has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain network. The client devices are running Windows 10. These devices are are Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) hybrid joined and are enrolled in Microsoft Intune. You are required by the organization to collect data from cloud-based and on-premises sources. The monitoring solution must include support for - Network data flows - Application availability, performance, and use - Infrastructure performance What would you choose to implement the appropriate solution?

A. Windows Analytics
B. Azure Monitor
C. Windows Analytics
D. Log Analytics

All the devices in an organization are joined to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). All the users running devices have Azure AD accounts. It is being planned by the organization to use Microsoft Store for Business. One of the users with Azure AD account, named Admin1, needs to be able to sign up for Microsoft Store for Business. Your solution should follow the principle of least privilege. Choose an Azure AD role you would assign to the user Admin1?


An organization named CompanyA has 2,500 devices on its network. The devices are running version 1709 of Windows 10. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is used to manage these devices and co-managed with Microsoft Intune. You are required to use the in-place upgrade method and upgrade these devices to version 1809 or Windows 10. To prepare the in-place upgrade, you decide on enabling Upgrade Readiness for these devices. What would be the first step to take?


The laptop machines used in an organization must all run Windows 10 version 1793 or 1809 of Windows 10. Group Policy objects (GPOs) are migrated to mobile device management (MDM) policies. Some MDM policies are changed by you. MDMWinsOverGP value is also set to 1. Some users come up to you informing that that MDM policies are not being applied. What should you do to make the MDM policies work?


You are using a provisioning package to deploy multiple applications. You use the default options of provisioning package. You discover one of the applications go missing after applying the package to a system. You manually install the application now, and it gets installed without any error. To make sure you have a clearer picture in future, you decide to monitor activity when provisioning packages are applied in future. You also decide to get granular reporting and custom error and status messages. What would you do to accomplish what you decided?


There are 2,500 devices running on a network on a company. All the devices are running Windows 10. These devices are joined to Windows Active Directory and hybrid joined to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). There is an organization unit OU that is named as OU1, containing devices that are running Windows 10. There is also a Group Policy object (GPO) named Policyl. Following configuration setting are set on Policyl: -Enable OneDrive Files On-Demand The GPO Policyl is linked to the OU OU1. You plan on deploying Known Folder Redirection for OneDrive. You get to know there are a few users that have personal OneDrive account on which Known Folder Redirection is enabled and set. You need to configure Policyl to redirect all known folders to CompanyAs OneDrive tenant. Can you choose a setting you would configure in this situaiton?


You are working as a mobile device administrator for School1. The school manages their mobile devices using Microsoft lntune. The devices run on both Android and iOS. You are required to configure device enrolment for devices running iOS. What would you do to complete the prerequisites for iOS enrollment?


Your organization has following laptops machines: - Windows 10 version 1703: 500 units -Windows 10 version 1803: 700 units -Windows 10 version 1809: 1000 units The first two laptops type that are using version 1703 and version 1803 of Windows 10 are joined to your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. Laptops running v1809 are Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) hybrid joined only. System Center Configuraiton is used to manage laptops running version 1703 and version 1803 of Windows 10. Laptops running Windows 10 v1809 are managed using Intune. You want to apply same conditional setting for all the devices while preparing your environment and want to include multi-factor authentication (MFA). Also keep in mind you must be able to migrate all workloads to the cloud in the coming year. The solution must minimize administrative effort. Choose three of the following steps you would choose to make this happen. (opt any THREE)

(MD-101) Sample Question - Microsoft Managing modern desktop


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