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  1. 10 Dying IT Skills

    10 Dying IT Skills (Tech Skills Heading the Way of the Dinosaur: 2020 Edition)

    The world of Information Technology is ever-changing and very fast-paced. We have seen multi-billion-dollar IT companies rise and fall in the past decade. There is a thing called the IT bubble, in which companies/technologies get fame for a short period and they are quickly replaced with a newer or more advanced version of similar technology. In the world of IT reaching the top is like a jackpot, which any new rising technology can hit, but remaining at that top position requires constant advancements. This is where true professionalism comes into play.
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  2. Best paying location for IT Jobs

    Best paying location for IT Jobs


    The IT industry might just be at the top of the list in terms of the number of jobs that are produced annually. Each year new technological advancements are happening all around the world which directly results in increased jobs. Given that through IT, jobs in other sectors are decreasing but such is the way of life, there is no stop to evolution. The IT industry has been revolutionary in the past decade as a majority of the billion-dollar companies in the world are IT related.

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  3. 15 Top Paying IT Certifications in 2020

    15 Top Paying IT Certifications in 2020

    The IT industry these days heavily focuses on the type of education or certifications the professionals have acquired throughout their careers. Many companies pay for their employees’ certifications as well. Companies do this to keep their talent relative with the market trends, as it is much easier to train the already existing talent new technologies of a similar domain rather than acquiring new talent and building trust over time.
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  4. 2020 IT Skills Salary Survey & Report

    2020 IT Skills Salary Survey & Report

    The field of Information technology is creating more jobs than ever before. IT might be the only field of science that can be promised to expand more over the coming decade. With this field ever-growing, the number of jobs in IT is also growing substantially, as IT is a vast term that includes many divisions. Almost all aspects of human life in some way directly touch or benefit from IT.
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  5. Seven Learning And Development Trends To Adopt In 2020, learning

    Seven Learning And Development Trends To Adopt In 2020

    2020 has arrived and, the time has come to evaluate the performances to anticipate the training and learning needs of your employees.human resource is the most valuable asset of an organization. The question is, what should be done to expand the asset?  Well, simply by training.

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  6. infosec jobs

    Why Choose Cybersecurity as a Career

    In the old days to be a hero, you needed to hold a sword. Then these sword holding heroes changed into pen holding knights. New times call for new heroes and these heroes save the world from cybercrime.

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  7. Top 10 Certs for 2020

    Top 10 IT Certifications for 2020

    Getting any kind of certification is important, especially in the field of IT. Certifications help you grab the basic concepts of most IT skills, the skills you acquire or repolish during any certification are also tested with real-world examples throughout the course, and most importantly larger organizations require or prefer employees with certifications on the domain.
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  8. Work with QuickStart to help the IT World

    Work with QuickStart to help the IT World

    It’s a famous proverb “The best way to be an expert in something is, to teach it to others”. Gone are the days when a person had to travel months to get to his desired teacher. Today, everything is just a click away.

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