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  1. How to double my income; get ITIL Foundation certification?

    How to double my income; get ITIL Foundation certification?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management, Career Driven
    ITIL is not an entry-level certification and certainly has tons of benefits to offer you if you want to carve yourself a promising career in the IT landscape. This certification primarily helps the person to understand a variety of IT-based needs from the user's perspective and aligning the IT needs in accordance with the decisive requirements of the clients. In today's world, the ITIL certification is an emerging standard that helps the businesses to have IT services in a managed way that is economical and also offers extreme quality in the process of doing so.
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  2. Role of MS office certification in your career

    Role of MS office certification in your career

    Categories: Microsoft, Career Driven
    Microsoft is not only known for its exclusive cloud-oriented products such as the SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft server but on common ground, it is fairly more popular with its office series. Yes, you heard that right, nothing brought more respect and prosperity to Microsoft other than the Office series such as Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others. Each of these Microsoft products has the corresponding certification that is essential to retrieve especially if you want to work as a Microsoft professional and apply to the jobs that surface in that category.
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    Leadership VS Management; Learn How to Be The Leader Vs Manager

    Categories: Career Driven, IT Skills
    The titles “LEADER and MANAGER” are frequently used in the same context. However, leadership and management go in parallel. There are millions of theories that prove them to be distinct. But have you thought about your capabilities in this regard what you would call yourself a leader or manager? If not then it’s time for self-analysis.
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  4. 9 Easiest It Jobs To Find Right Now

    9 Fastest IT Jobs to Land to Improve/Launch Your Career Right Now

    Categories: Career Driven, Learning
    A lot of people prefer easy jobs, a simple job that doesn't include too much hard work. It might seem strange because not everyone wants to climb up the same career ladder as you. Be that as it may, what makes an easy job “easy”? Indeed, that is totally subjective to every distinct individual, yet it, by and large, includes having a mediocre, low-stress, and pleasant job. And keeping in mind that a few jobs require long periods of experience and education, others require in-born skills, sharpened aptitudes, and on-job training. Unexpectedly, numerous jobs that fall in the latter category can likewise prompt rewarding pay.
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  5. How to Be Your Own Boss as a Solo IT Pro

    How to Be Your Own Boss as a Solo IT Pro or Next Big Entrepreneur

    Categories: Career Driven
    Choosing a career is very tricky because it is a make or break situation for a person. So, how to choose a career in a way that we do not have to regret in the future? Let's shed some light on it. You should choose your passion as your career. Wait, does it sound cliche? Well, only because we have overused the word passion while answering questions in interviews. But in reality, doing what you love and also getting paid for it is a dream of millions. And, if you choose your passion as your career, you will go through all the roadblocks of your career like it is nothing. Plus, everyone needs money to fulfill their necessities. And, as they say, when there is a necessity, people do find their ways. But they do it unwillingly just to pay their bills and fill up their bellies.
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  6. Advance Your IT Career By Building Your Own Utilities

    Advance Your IT Career By Building Your Own Personal Brand

    Categories: Career Driven
    Many jobs in information technology (IT) start a similar way: planning and deploying employee’s workstations (either desktop or laptop) and smartphones, handling their inquiries and taking care of their issues on a help desk. From that point onward, IT experts generally hold onto a claim to fame, for example, network infrastructure or cloud computing while proceeding with their ascent through the positions toward the career-capping initials CIO or CTO.
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  7. Jobs You Can Get With CCNP Certification

    Jobs You Can Get With CCNP Certification

    Categories: Cisco, Career Driven
    The CCNP certification is designed for experts looking for specific training programs for the implementation, maintenance, and planning of Cisco’s wide range of high-end network solution products. This amazing certification covers of a wide range of courses, which spread the fundamentals of computer networking.
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  8. How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    Categories: Career Driven, Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing is a comprehensive term or concept that allows organizations to use multiple online strategies to identify, build and target relevant customer segments to convince them into becoming paying customers. These strategies include promotional campaigns, engagement campaigns, display campaigns, search campaigns and many other types of advertising campaigns to get the product, service or content exposed on all the available touchpoints.
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