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  1. Jobs You Can Get With CCNP Certification

    Jobs You Can Get With CCNP Certification

    The CCNP certification is designed for experts looking for specific training programs for the implementation, maintenance, and planning of Cisco’s wide range of high-end network solution products. This amazing certification covers of a wide range of courses, which spread the fundamentals of computer networking.
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  2. How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a comprehensive term or concept that allows organizations to use multiple online strategies to identify, build and target relevant customer segments to convince them into becoming paying customers. These strategies include promotional campaigns, engagement campaigns, display campaigns, search campaigns and many other types of advertising campaigns to get the product, service or content exposed on all the available touchpoints.
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  3. Jobs You Can Get With CCNA Certification

    Jobs You Can Get With CCNA Certification

    You must have heard about CCNA, right? The CCNA certification falls in the category of entry-level certification in the field of computer networking. The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification was created by Cisco to test a competitor's information on networking at a basic level. This certification breaks down the beginner’s capacity for the installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of medium-size switched and routed networks.
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  4. Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Must have heard about cloud storage services, right? Every organization, small or big have to store their data somewhere safe. Plus, the volume of data is so big that they cannot stock it on physical equipment like hard drives and on-premises databases. There is another reason that storing your organization's data in a cloud service means you do not have to worry about the security of the data, and you can access it anytime from anywhere. It is a convenient plus better-looking option than building an on-premises database and managing it all by yourself.
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  5. How To Become A UX Designer

    How To Become A UX Designer

    Maybe you've heard this term several times in your surroundings, or read about this expanding field. Possibly you're as of now acquainted with the advantages of a profession in UX design: satisfying and creative work, adaptability, variety, handsome pay, and the chance to work legitimately with genuine people.
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  6. Demand for IT Professionals: After the Biggest Recession of the Era

    Demand for IT Professionals: After the Biggest Recession of the Era

    2010 to 2020 has been a year of remarkable disruptions for those even remotely connected to the tech industry across the globe, and majorly in the first world economies. Some of the most life-changing innovations have surfaced, and businesses, employees, and customers have all witnessed the impacts in different ways. Business processes have evolved,
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  7. Data Scientists Salary Trends

    Data Scientists Salary Trends; 2020 Edition

    Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of data science, needs to be clear on things first. You might be a fresh graduate having successfully acquired a Data Science certification to supplement your current skills, or you might be one of those adventurous spirits who wants to take on a challenge and switch your career into the ever-evolving field of Data science. Whatever the case, there are good chances for you to fit right in and be on track to becoming more successful than you were before starting out on this career path. The current economy is one that has ever growing opportunities for data scientists, especially in the US.

    Before we get into the data science salary trends, let us talk briefly about what is data science and more importantly what does a data scientist do?

    Data scientist—A remarkable career?

    From Data you derive information, and from information y

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  8. How To Become Scrum Master

    How To Become Scrum Master

    To create and deploy results of the highest worth, you should have the option to assist teams with deploying items in short cycles, empowering quick criticism, ceaseless improvement, and fast adaption to change. If all this sounds like a great deal to you, then you're now in good shape to become a ScrumMaster (SM).
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