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  1. Top 15 cloud computing bootcamps with highest paying job guarantee

    Top 15 Cloud Computing Bootcamps With Highest Pay Job Guarantee

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Bootcamps

    The market for cloud computing is expected to rise from $67 billion in 2015 to $162 billion in 2020, resulting in immense demand for cloud technology specialists, contributing to some of the highest-paid positions in IT. With cloud services predicted to become a $300 billion organization by 2021, cloud computing has become a core component of the business digital transformation strategy. As the cloud continues to dominate the business environment, the interest of work seekers and employers in cloud computing roles has also increased, according to a report from the job search platform Indeed on Thursday.

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  2. 10 Front-End Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

    10 Front-End Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

    Categories: Web Development , Bootcamps

    Web developers are in high demand now. However, as the demand grows, so does the supply. The number of people in this profession is growing substantially. With competition healthy, every developer needs a portfolio that sets them apart from the rest and makes them attractive to potential employers and clients.

    A portfolio is crucial for front-end web developers because it helps showcase a small part of their skills. Students or professionals looking to start building a profile can get inspiration from established developers. Here are ten portfolios that can help you get an idea of how to structure an effective display of skills and knowledge.

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  3. UT Arlington's Cloud Engineering Bootcamp with Edgar Ayala and Course Report's Jess Feldman

    UT Arlington's Cloud Engineering Bootcamp with Edgar Ayala and Course Report's Jess Feldman

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Microsoft , Linux , Career Driven , Programming Language , AWS , Learning , Study Guides , Python , Bootcamps , IT Skills , Student Success Stories

    Jess Feldman, content manager for Course Report, met with Edgar Ayala virtually to talk about his experience with a university IT bootcamp. Ayala is a recent alum of UT Arlington’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp powered by QuickStart (watch the full video here). 

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  4. All About Python

    All About Python

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven , Programming Language , Learning , Technology Comparison , Web Development , Python , Bootcamps , IT Skills

    Python is one of the most popular programming languages in existence, a distinction it has enjoyed for years. Programmers all over the world use Python for a variety of projects, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, desktop applications, and more. 

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  5. Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning

    Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning

    Categories: Information Security , Artificial Intelligence , Learning , Bootcamps

    When the QuickStart team publishes information on the growth of IT career disciplines, we typically find many publications talking about job growth in the abstract. However, a quick Google search of artificial intelligence jobs shows page after page of paid Google ads seeking candidates for top paying jobs!!! Apple, Google, Intel, Accenture…all spend money to hire candidates for their open roles, except maybe Google (I have always wondered if they charge themselves to place ads on Google). There is no question that skills in both AI and machine learning are hot commodities and are only getting hotter. 

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  6. Mothers Returning to the Workforce Need to Consider IT Bootcamps

    Mothers Returning to the Workforce Need to Consider IT Bootcamps

    Categories: Information Security , Career Driven , Learning , Bootcamps , IT Skills

    In September 2020, when many schools introduced remote learning due to the pandemic, 80% of the 1.1 million people who left the workforce were women. Now that schools are opening their doors, mothers are returning to the workforce.  The IRS will begin the monthly Child Tax Credit payments in July, making it a well-timed government program for moms furthering their careers. Eligible families will receive monthly payments for each child seventeen and under (for more information, please visit or 

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  7. 10 Reasons to Ignore Computer Science Degrees and go for Online Bootcamps

    10 Reasons to Ignore Computer Science Degrees and Go for Online Bootcamps

    Categories: Career Driven , Bootcamps

    Online Bootcamps have detonated lately, with advocates promoting the model as an approach to fill the tech ability hole and give individuals a section point into a worthwhile profession. Furthermore, bosses are committing, as indicated by another report from Indeed: 80% of US tech employing administrators and enrollment specialists said they have recruited an Online Bootcamp graduate for a tech job - and 99.8% said they would do so once more.

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  8. How to Get Into a Top AI & ML Bootcamp In 2021

    How to Get into a Top AI & ML Bootcamp in 2021

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Bootcamps

    Today’s world is quickly growing with the advancements of technology. The significance of both Machine - Learning and Artificial Intelligence has been evolving as an increasing number of organizations are making use of these technologies. They are using these tools to enhance their services and products, assess their business frameworks, and also upgrade their process to make decisions.

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