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Boost Your Career with 5 Best Linux Certifications

Boost Your Career with 5 Best Linux Certifications

Linux, an open-source operating system like Unix, was developed by Linus Torvalds on September 17th, 1991. The operating system was initially developed for personal computers; however, since then, it has been ported to more platforms. Linux can also perform on an embedded system; this includes televisions, automation control, and routers, etc.

Linux Certification

The IT industry is moving towards the advancement; companies are seeking for individuals who are certified for a particular skill. Linux is also offering certifications to IT professionals from different industries and job roles that can help individuals to grow in terms of position and remuneration. There are various Linux certifications; below mentioned are the five best certifications that can boost your career.

CompTIA Linux+

The CompTIA Linux + certification assesses the usage and managerial responsibilities that are mutual to all the Linux distributors. The certification tests the basic knowledge of the Linux operating system. CompTIA Linux + certification is based on two tests; each test covers different domains. The basic exam information for CompTIA Linux + certification is mentioned below.

  1. The CompTIA Linux + exam duration is of 90 minutes.
  2. The minimum score to clear the exam is 500 on a scale of 200-800
  3. The exam pattern consists of multiple-choice questions with single/multiple answer questions.
  4. The examination fee is $200.

Tips to Study for CompTIA Linux + Certification Exam

  • Develop a study plan: Create a study plan according to your weaknesses and strengths on the concepts, skills, and knowledge of each domain.
  • Exam Objectives: Focus on the exam objectives and study according to the weightage of each topic in the exam.
  • Study Guide: Go through the study guide published by Linux experts. The guide specifically focuses on the exam objectives and domains covered in the exam.
  • Books: Use reliable books available in the market to study from. Use CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1 Cert Guide: (Exams LX0-103 & LX0-104/101-400 & 102-400) (Certification Guide) by Ross Brunson and Sean Walberg for the preparation.
  • Study using Online Material: Use different websites, blogs, and videos to study for the exam.
  • Practice Test: Take a practice test on QuickStart (Linux+ Exam1, Linux+ Exam2). Learn more by talking to our trainers on QuickStart.

Red Hat Certified Engineer

The Red Hat Certified Engineer exam intends to benefit senior-level professionals. The first phase to becoming a certified Red Hat Engineer is to pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

Tips to Study for Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam

  • RHCE Training: Take online training classes officially through Red Hat. The RHCE training aligns the exam objectives with its training to provide insight into the concepts.
  • Flexible Environment: Create a study environment with all the equipment and machinery required, such as servers and virtual machines.
  • Practice for Practical: The RHCE exam does not solely depend upon the written exam. Make sure to have a hand-on practice on setting up the services as well.
  • Understand the logic: Focus on understanding the logic behind every command rather than memorizing it. It will not only help you to have a cleat concept in mind, but it will automatically make you learn all the steps.
  • Online Community: Join the online community and clear your misconceptions with the help of QuickStart trainers.  
  • Practice Test: Evaluate your expertise and knowledge through QuickStart online test. For further queries, contact our experts at QuickStart.

GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator

GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator exam focuses on enhancing installing, configuring, and monitoring skills of individuals on both systems. The certification fortifies and inspects Linux and Unix systems. The requirements for GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator are mentioned below.

  1. The exam duration is of 2 hours.
  2. The minimum passing score is 68%
  3. The total number of questions is 75.

Tips to Study for GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator Exam

  • Online Study Material: Go through the online study material provided for the exam and enhance your knowledge. Use websites, videos, articles, and blogs to study from.
  • Books: The GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator Exam is an open book make sure to use hard copy books for preparation. Highlight essential topics and prepare notes for difficult topics.
  • Online Training: Sign up to QuickStart and take an online training course to study for the exam.
  • Practice Test: Take a sample test available on QuickStart to evaluate your knowledge and skills in each domain.
  • Expert Help: Understand the problematic concepts in just a few minutes with our experts at QuickStart. Chat with our experts for more information.

Oracle Linux OCA & OCP Certification

The Oracle Linux OCA & OCP Certification focuses on enhancing the skills related to oracle products. The certification requires individuals to pass a collection of exams and performance-based projects according to the level of certification. The Oracle Linux OCA & OCP certification has six levels; junior associate, certified associate, certified professional, certified master, certified expert, and certified specialist.

Tips to Study for Oracle Linux OCA & OCP Certification Exam

  • Study Guide: Use the official webpage and prepare for the exam according to the published study guide.
  • Online resources: Read from the websites, blogs, and articles for extensive knowledge of your subject. You can also understand concepts using the videos.
  • Study Material: Use reliable books to study and go through the whitepapers as well to understand the format of the exam.
  • Online Training: Prepare for your exam with the QuickStart experienced trainers and ask them questions to clear your queries.
  • Sample Test: Assess your knowledge by taking an online practice test at QuickStart. Chat with our experts for more details on Oracle Linux OCA & OCP Certification

LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Certifications Exam

The LPI certification is divided into three stages; Linux Administrator, Linux Engineer, and Linux Enterprise Professional Certification. The Linux Administrator focuses on the primary skills of Linux; the Linux engineer certification focuses on email facilities, system client management, domain name, system security, and troubleshooting. As for the third stage, it focuses on three exams; each exam focuses on a different domain.

Tips to Study for LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Certifications Exam

  • LPI Study Material: Open the official website and go through the study material provided by LPI for exam preparation.
  • Online Training Partner: Take online training classes for your LPI exam.
  • Study Plan: Create a realistic study plan which covers all the aspects of the exam.
  • Other Resources: Use websites, books, blogs, articles, and videos to study and gain extra knowledge in your subject area.
  • Resolve Exam Queries: Chat with QuickStart experts and resolve queries that you face during the preparation of your exam.
  • Practice: Go through the practice test published on QuickStart and give it a try to identify your weaknesses and strength and focus on improving your weak areas. Chat with our experts for more queries.
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