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  1. IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA

    IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA

    Whenever we hear the term IT or information technology, we always think of computers. We believe it is anything to do using computers, but it is not the complete truth. The real definition of IT is that it is the technology that involves development, maintenance, computers, software, and networks for data processing and data distribution. This definition is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to that, the term IT was used in 1978 for the first time. The thing to notice here is that we are using computers for data processing. By that means, the fabricating of a computer has nothing to do with IT, neither the hand-operated processing of information. Yes, there were computers before the invention of IT, but we mostly used them for complicated calculations. When we started doing sorting and indexing of data with computers, it was the time information technology was invented.
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  2. Free Scrum Master Courses To Get In 2020

    Free Scrum Master Courses To Get In 2020

    A certified and talented Scrum Master has a huge significance as he contributes to the success of the Scum teams. He is liable for managing the right implementation of the Scrum Framework and ensures powerful product deployment by his team.
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  3. Role Of AI In Learning

    Role Of AI In Learning

    We have entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also, while a considerable lot of us have heard how AI will have an effect on market segments like R&D or manufacturing, you must end up pondering: What about different territories of business- - like L&D? In which way, AI will influence learning and development.
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  4. The 4 Stages of the Integration of Technology, In Learning

    The 4 Stages of the Integration of Technology, In Learning

    Learning, it is something our life revolves around. We learn, and then we apply. Everything that we have achieved or we will achieve, it is because of the curiosity and that wanting to learn instinct. It is an essential prospect of every aspect of our life, from education to work, and from work to living life. We adopt certain things from different people just because we like those things, so we learn them. Learning is the building block of development. Without learning, there is no room for improvement. Same way in schools and at the workplace, we can do certain things because we have learned it from somewhere, and we are just repeating the pattern.
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    Most Popular IT Certifications in Women; 2020 Edition

    IT or information technology benefits the business world and it permits associations to work more effectively and to amplify efficiency. In business, individuals search for approaches to accomplish more work in a shorter measure of time and it ought to be just conceivable through the improvement of Information Technology. Quicker correspondence, electronic capacity and the insurance of records are focal points that IT can have on our project. IT is driven by the requests of the new, serious business condition from one viewpoint and significant changes in the idea of computers in the other. Data Technology frameworks come looking like numerous mechanically propelled gadgets that help convey significant data to managers and along these lines, they utilize this data to settle on a pivotal choice in regards to the tasks of their association. IT has to do with computer applications, on which almost every workplace is needy.
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  6. IT training to Employees: A Need in 2020

    IT training to Employees: A Need in 2020

    The use of information technology is escalating rapidly. To stay updated in the market, new processes, systems, and software are being adopted by companies to perform efficiently. However, companies are still facing a huge loss in terms of profit and market share. The reason for these losses is none other than the lack of training. Adopting new technology and hiring pre-trained employees is not the right solution to survive in the market while reducing costs. However, training current employees is what is going to benefit the organization and reduce cost.
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  7. Stuck at Home? Here are 6 Online Courses to Help You Stay Productive

    With the total number of COVID-19 cases reaching 6 million globally, this pandemic has taken a significant toll on the world and the way we spend our daily lives. From lost jobs to diminishing business opportunities, lack of business expansion and education-oriented travels, and an overall low for growth and productivity. Since every low end to bring another high, new promising situations and opportunities emerge. The post COVID era is a time to dig in and take advantage of new opportunities with more tech-friendly approaches expected to work.
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  8. Readiness for Continuity in Online Learning

    Readiness for Continuity in Online Learning

    Digital transformation has been taking place in every field from entertainment to industry. Everyone is better connected to each other through technological processes. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the whole wide world, digital or online learning is the key to establish a quintessential bond between learning and the students. Online learning is becoming extremely viable in these times and it has been estimated that there will be a 9.23% increase in the total output from the online industry of education, increasing the number from $187.877 to $319.167 billion of dollars in the year 2025.
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