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James Maningo

James Maningo
James Maningo
Data Scientist at QuickStart

James is a stochastic tinkerer with over 8 years of experience in digital analytics. His passion lies in providing meaningful impact through data, utlizing growth hacking techniques for business and "quantified self" for personal life. His weapon of choice are linux, python, tmux+vim and good old common sense.

  1. NetApp Clustered ONTAP CLI Cheat Sheet

    NetApp Clustered ONTAP CLI Cheat Sheet

    Categories: NetApp , Cheat Sheet
    NetApp is popular for its cloud data storage and data management systems. As a Fortune 500 company since 2012, it has remained an important leader in cloud computing and storage devices. In 2020, NetApp was the leader in cost optimization and compute management in public clouds. ONTAP helps you manage clusters through commands, such as the ones found below. Common storage tasks like qtrees and volumes are discussed as well.
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  2. A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    Categories: NetApp , Study Guides
    NetApp is a hybrid cloud service provider organization set up by Michael Malcolm, David Hitz, and James Lau in 1992. Based in the safest city of California, Sunnyvale, the company began with basic data storage solutions and proceeded onward to hybrid cloud solutions.
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  3. A Complete Open Source Certification Guide

    A Guide to the top 5 Open Source Certifications

    Categories: Learning , Study Guides
    With the use of open-source software, the field of IT keeps on developing for organizations, a deficiency of qualified IT professionals and other staff members who have experience and are trained and certified in open-source technologies stays a genuine challenge for IT offices and departments.
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  4. A Beginner's Guide to Kali Linux Getting Started

    A Beginner's Guide to Kali Linux Getting Started

    Categories: Linux
    Kali Linux rose to much prominence when the concept of hacking piqued the interest of the young generation. Hacking was perceived as the cool activity in our mainstream society and this can be ascribed fundamentally to the TV show Mr. Robot.
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  5. Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Categories: NetApp , Career Driven
    Must have heard about cloud storage services, right? Every organization, small or big have to store their data somewhere safe. Plus, the volume of data is so big that they cannot stock it on physical equipment like hard drives and on-premises databases. There is another reason that storing your organization's data in a cloud service means you do not have to worry about the security of the data, and you can access it anytime from anywhere. It is a convenient plus better-looking option than building an on-premises database and managing it all by yourself.
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  6. NetApp: Predictions and Projections for the Future

    NetApp: Predictions and Projections for the Future

    Categories: NetApp

    Enterprise storage has come a long way since the days of the basic mainframe and individual hard drives. Centralized storage, and in the last decade or so, cloud storage, has become the norm, with a landslide of enterprises and organizations looking to save on either space of data security spending. And, perhaps the most versatile tool to implement said strategy was, and still is NetApp.

    Not a new player in the market, NetApp celebrated 25 years of providing storage solutions last year. Having made data management a multi-faceted operation, with a vast number of data types eligible for storage, it seems as though the data management giant has been the undisputed king of the software-defined storage realm.

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  7. Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Categories: App Development , Data Science
    Python is one of the top programming languages for leading big data companies and tech startups. It is a versatile language used for various purposes, including numerical computations, data science, web development, and machine learning.
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  8. What Project Management Tools to Use for Data Science

    What Project Management Tools to Use for Data Science

    Categories: Data Science , Project Management
    Data Science is an emerging field with a notable research focus on improving the techniques available to interpret information. Still, there has been much less focus on how people should cooperate on a data science project.
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