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  1. UT Arlington's Cloud Engineering Bootcamp with Edgar Ayala and Course Report's Jess Feldman

    UT Arlington's Cloud Engineering Bootcamp with Edgar Ayala and Course Report's Jess Feldman

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Microsoft , Linux , Career Driven , Programming Language , AWS , Learning , Study Guides , Python , Bootcamps , IT Skills , Student Success Stories

    Jess Feldman, content manager for Course Report, met with Edgar Ayala virtually to talk about his experience with a university IT bootcamp. Ayala is a recent alum of UT Arlington’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp powered by QuickStart (watch the full video here). 

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  2. AWS Certification Guide

    AWS Certification Guide - 2021 Edition

    Categories: AWS , Study Guides

    Evolution of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Career Outlook Value of Certifications in Cloud Computing AWS History and Roadmap AWS Certification Guide How Much Do AWS Certifications Cost AWS Recertification and Renewal AWS Certification Salary and Careers AWS Certification Training

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  3. A Complete Cisco Certification Guide

    A Complete Cisco Certification Guide

    Categories: Cisco , Study Guides

    Cisco Systems is one of the leading technology vendors in the global IT business. Not just in terms of the products of Cisco used by various organizations, but also the professionals who achieve the rigorous Cisco certifications to become skilled and get increase their chances of having a successful career in IT. In this Cisco certification guide, you will get a complete knowledge of where it all started, what are the roots of Cisco and Cisco certification training, what are the current cisco certifications, details about the different areas of IT you can get certified in, where can you train for the latest Cisco certification exams, what jobs and careers you can pursue and much more! Get ready for a comprehensive guide to Cisco certifications.

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  4. ITIL Certification Guide

    ITIL Certification Guide: Career Paths, Exams, Cost, Prerequisites

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , Study Guides

    ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is as the name suggests a library of various pieces that provide technologists and IT service management practitioners with the framework that helps deliver the IT services for organizations. The framework is holistic in the terms of covering the IT services lifecycle and helps organizations accomplish a systematic approach offered by the ITIL model for managing risk management, strengthening customer relationship, adopt cost-effective methodologies, and build a structured IT environment that is stable enough to offer growth, scalability, and transformation.

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  5. The Complete Guide for the MS Office Certification

    The Complete Guide for the MS Office Certification

    Categories: Microsoft , Study Guides

    Microsoft 365 is a diverse management solution provided by Microsoft.  Previously known as Office 365, it offers a complete suite of web applications, device management tools, and cyber & computer security services. Microsoft 365 enables organizations to help increase productivity, reorganize day to day operations, and ensure data security. Keeping in view the continuous advancement in the field of Information Technology, Microsoft felt the need to revolutionize their management solutions. It has moved from selling on-premises software to subscription-based cloud software solutions, and Office 365 is a part of that project.

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  6. CompTIA Certification Guide

    CompTIA Certification Guide

    Categories: Study Guides , CompTIA

    Digital transformation is the buzz phrase everyone is wild about right now. Businesses are gravitating towards digitalization, and the ones that don’t embrace it will be left behind. Companies are spending large amounts of money on the digital transformation of their businesses. An organization, whether it is small or big, has the same aim in mind, and that is to use these technologies to make their business better. Their aim is not just to replicate their current business in the digital form but also create a more influential version of it.

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  7. A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    Categories: NetApp , Study Guides

    NetApp is a hybrid cloud service provider organization set up by Michael Malcolm, David Hitz, and James Lau in 1992. Based in the safest city of California, Sunnyvale, the company began with basic data storage solutions and proceeded onward to hybrid cloud solutions.

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  8. A Complete Open Source Certification Guide

    A Guide to the top 5 Open Source Certifications

    Categories: Learning , Study Guides

    With the use of open-source software, the field of IT keeps on developing for organizations, a deficiency of qualified IT professionals and other staff members who have experience and are trained and certified in open-source technologies stays a genuine challenge for IT offices and departments.

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