Azure Vnet and Azure VM 

This course focuses on using IaaS virtual machines in Azure for IaaS workloads, emphasizing basic configuration, planning, deployment and management tasks.


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This course focuses on using IaaS virtual machines in Azure for IaaS workloads, emphasizing basic configuration, planning, deployment and management tasks.

Course Information

This course shows the importance of suing Azure Vnet and Azure VM for decreasing the workloads of the company. As it helps in the planning, deployment, and management of the tasks. the Azure is the primary building block for companies every private network. With this private network, one can secretly communicate using the internet. Azure is modern with the traditional network qualities by which one can easily operate their own data center. The course shows the benefits of Azure infrastructure by which companies are being productive and manageable.

Network interfaces:

The network interface is the interconnection between the Azure Vnet and Azure VM. It is highly important that the Azure VM should have one interface but can have more than that. It all depends upon the size of the VM.

IP addresses:

There are two types of IP addresses:

  • Public IP addresses:

The public IP addresses are for the communication where the addresses can be easily accessed over the internet. A maximum number of people can use it under the subscription. The public address has direct access to all over the internet.

  • Private IP addresses:

A private IP address works differently as it provides people and organizations their very own private network. Highly safe and secure as no one can use it and share data without your permission. Only the owner would be able to provide access to any other person.

Virtual network and subnets:

The subnet is a range of the IP addresses of Azure Vnet and Azure VM. Their virtual network provides the organization security and safety from the hacking and theft of data. The organization can connect the subnets with NIC’s for their employees so they can easily communicate with each other under proper supervision without any authentication.

It is also important to make sure that the subnets don’t overlap because of which the ranges can be disturbed easily. To make everything work properly and effectively companies’ lookout for the experts of Azure Vnet and Azure VM.

Course Information:

Many newcomers face the issues of understanding the techniques and features of software-defined learning especially when it comes to Azure. Therefore, this course will help you out in building a strong knowledge of all the technicalities related to the software. Either it's about the building block of Azure, networks, planning, development, security or monitoring, the course will cover everything. You will get to learn about the virtual networks and their framework and how to ensure secure and high-end performance. Moreover, understanding the configuration of Azure and its monitoring for service-level agreements. At the end of the course, you would be able to design and deploy the Azure infrastructure as a pro and would easily handle everything related to it.

Further information regarding the course:

  • The brand of the course is Microsoft and the subject are cloud computing.
  • There will be no lab access in the entire course and this will be self-paced learning.
  • The technology is also Microsoft and the difficulty of the course is intermediate.
  • The duration of the course class is 1 hour and the language is English.


More Information

More Information
Brand Microsoft
Subjects Cloud Computing
Lab Access No
Technology Microsoft
Learning Style Self-Paced Learning
Difficulty Intermediate
Course Duration 1 Hour
Language English


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