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SDN Instructor; Chris Francis

Chris Francis
Chris Francis
SDN Instructor

Chris Francis is a Dynamic technology professional and accomplished network engineer with a wealth of expertise in leading world class IT initiatives. Proven technology leader who excels as a pivotal business partner and provides critical leadership to the corporation and executive team. Innovative, high-energy professional with excellent organizational and communication skills and the capacity to assume increasingly significant responsibilities.

  1. SDN Switch vs. Non-SDN Switch

    SDN Switch vs. Non-SDN Switch

    SDN or software-defined networking offers a set of protocols for network management, which helps to increase the mobility and agility of computer networks. Even though this is a new technology, SDN is gaining widespread acceptability. The SDN environment relies on the use of the OpenFlow type of switch or program to transmit data packets.

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  2. Top 8 Advantages of Software Defined Networking

    Top 8 Advantages of Software Defined Networking

    If you are trying to learn about the real benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN), let's start with how it simplifies control and centralize enterprise network management. The SDN is finally giving us a chance to steer clear the traditional networking methods. Earlier, the decisions of network traffic depended on the device in place and were translated through the present routing tables. Today, the SDN fundamentals ensure we have more networking control with minimum resources. By adapting the SDN style, an enterprise can adopt a more flexible version for the networking process. With SDN, an administrator or engineer can shape the movement of the traffic and use a centralized console for control.

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