QuickStart Enterprise Platform

Training With QS Enterprise Platform

QuickStart Enterprise Platform

QuickStart is the industry’s only true multi-mode IT learning platform designed to optimize talent and performance within your organization. Give your team fingertip access to in-depth, virtual instructor led courses, online self-paced, virtual labs, live instructor support and more. Start your free team trial today to experience:

  • Access to premium, live virtual instructor led training courses
  • Hundreds of self-paced courses and certifications
  • Free tools including LMS software, course authoring, analytics and more
  • Live instructor support and on-demand labs

Digital Performance Enablement is the Difference

  • Contextual Learning

    Go beyond resource based eLearning. QuickStart’s multi-mode platform suits the needs of today’s busy modern learner and fits various consumption preferences and patterns on a needs based approach.

  • Cognitive Content Curation

    By leveraging learning data and analytics across our network, the QuickStart platform becomes smarter about which courses to curate in the catalog that are most important to your job role and function.

  • eLearning Conversations

    Built-in eLearning authoring tools let you seed thought leadership by creating, delivering and tracking informal courses with quizzes on the fly --- no instructional design background required.

  • The Power of Video

    Leverage the power of video by dropping in clips from major video sharing sites into any learning experience and built your own use-cases around them.

  • Performance Support

    Take advantage of the best form of learning available – access to live instructors and experts when you need it and improve on-the-project performance professional growth.

  • Micro-Learning

    Short and focused learning modules available across hundreds of topics are available to learners proven to improve retention and fits how people learn.

  • Social Learning

    Empower people to learn from each other by collaborating with peers inside virtual breakout rooms and with instructors.

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