Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459)

In this course, this is exactly what will be taught. You will get to learn on the matters of learning how to deploy, scale and manage applications using Kubernetes.


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In this course, this is exactly what will be taught. You will get to learn on the matters of learning how to deploy, scale and manage applications using Kubernetes.

Course Information

About this course:

The course teaches on the topic of Kubernetes for developers. Kubernetes program is a high-end open-source container-orchestration system. This program allows for a smooth computerized operation of deploying or installing, scaling and managing the applications. In this course, this is exactly what will be taught. You will get to learn on the matters of learning how to deploy, scale and manage applications using Kubernetes.

This course is designed in such a way that it automatically covers all those topics that are tested by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program. In this way, this course proves to be an advantageous asset, as it largely increases the chances for the student to become a certified developer.

The course will teach you on the methods of encapsulating or containerizing, hosting, configuring, and deploying applications on a multi-node cluster. You will start off with a simple Python script in which you will have to define application resources and then use the basic techniques of creating, regulating and troubleshooting the scalable applications through the usage of Kubernetes. You will be trained in and introduced to different features used to deploy an application in a production environment by using network plugins, security and cloud storage.  

The learning specifics of this course are vendor-agnostic and distribution-agnostic. Hence, this will give you the margin as well as the opportunity for universal application of the learned skills.

The course will be available to you for an entire year, from the day of purchase, or in the case of preorders, availability, and will be accessible even if you finish the course early. The course hours are approximately 30-35 hours in total. The course has the feature of self-paced so you will be able to complete it at your own ease.

On average, a Kubernetes Engineer earns $143,283 per annum.

Learning Objectives:

The course has the following learning objectives:

  • Containerizing or encapsulating, and deploying a new Python script
  • Configuring the deployment of the application through the usage of ConfigMaps, Secrets and SecurityContexts
  • Gaining comprehension of multi-container pod design
  • Setting and managing of probes for measuring pod health
  • Making updates and rolling back an application
  • Incorporating services and NetworkPolicies
  • Making use of PersistentVolumeClaims for state persistence
  • And many other skills


This course is suitable for and designed for app developers, Kubernetes engineers, and Linux developers.


The requirements of this course have been set in such a way that you get to fully reap the benefits of this course. Having prior knowledge of basic Linux command line and file editing skills will be beneficial for your future learning in this course. Additionally, you must be familiar with using a programming language like Python, Node.js, and Go. You should also be having knowledge of the concepts of Cloud Native application and architectures (similar to which is taught in our free introduction of Kubernetes edX MOOC).


Course Expert:


Adrian des Rotours

Adrian des Rotours is an experienced Project Manager and Agile & DevOps Coach. He has over 25 years of professional experience, in various sectors of the tech and multiple industries including telecommunication. He got the following international credentials: PMP®, ITIL® Expert, DevOps Foundation & Lead (DOF™, DOL™), Scrum Master & Scrum Coach (SMAC™, SCAC™)..

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SubjectsApp Development, DevOps
Lab AccessNo
Learning StyleVirtual Classroom
Learning TypeCourse
Course Duration4 Days


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