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Fahim Uddin

Fahim  Uddin
Fahim Uddin
Data Analyst Instructor

Fahim Uddin is a Ph.D. in Computer Science with Machine Learning and Data Science in focus. He has over 15+ years of experience in IT including, but not limited to, as .NET Developer and SQL SERVER Admin/Developer and Business Intelligence. He has over 10+ years of teaching experience as an Adjunct Faculty.

  1. Top 10 Data Analytics Influencers

    Want to learn Data Analytics; Here's Top 10 People to follow

    Categories: Data analysis and visualization
    There can be a complete list if we talk about technologies that are on a rise and are going to make it big in the future. Data Analysis, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence are some of those technologies. There can be many more if we research it. All of these technologies have already left some impact on the present. But with ongoing research and experiments, the future looks brighter than a star. Data analytics and business intelligence are two fields of technology on which there has been a lot of work recently. We see a new trend every other day, and the numbers are going up exponentially. There has been a hike in the number of companies that are adopting data analytics and business intelligence.
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  2. What is Predictive Analysis; Steps to do this

    What is Predictive Analysis; Steps to do this

    Categories: Data Science
    In the world of the stock market, racing pitches, and almost anything that is tied to an enormous amount of money, all benefit from predictive analysis. Wouldn’t you? If it could help you make more money, make predictions that will help you to build a strong career or all other positive aspects to grow yourself? Predictive analysis is the right way to make a business-oriented decision involving money by interpreting tons and tons of data to make sure that the final results are calculated and analyzed and not based on a hunch. But in order to move forward you need to know what predictive analysis is;
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  3. What is Diagnostic Analysis; Steps to do this?

    What is Diagnostic Analysis; Steps to do this?

    Categories: Data Science
    When it comes to modern technology, there are threats lurking around everywhere, and despite all the security checks and special infrastructure in place, you can never be too sure about the threats and vulnerabilities that exist. And then comes the breach or a cyber incident which literally grasps the working edge of your business from the throat and start compressing.
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  4. What is Prescriptive Analysis; Steps to do this

    What is Prescriptive Analysis; Steps to do this

    Categories: Data Science
    As the digital infrastructure continued to grow and became smarter, the need for having a definitive model to store crucial data became imminent. Thus, the idea of data analytics came into perspective. Data analytics is not all about the collection of raw data from different nodes or sections of the organization, it is more focused on deriving fundamental data which can help in dedicated decision making.
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  5. What is Descriptive Analysis; Steps to Do This

    What is Descriptive Analysis; Steps to Do This

    Categories: Data Science
    Investigators waste a lot of time by consuming impractical experiments and by directly divulging onto the bigger steps of conducting Statistical Analysis. There are so many compact and graphical approaches nowadays; thus, the gumshoes make a series of analyses that only lead to dead ends and possible erroneous conclusions. Most of the investigators take out the biggest step in conducting the analysis which is the Descriptive Analysis. Let's understand the basics prior to any further explanation
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