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Data analysis and visualization

  1. Top 10 Data Analytics Influencers

    Want to learn Data Analytics; Here's Top 10 People to follow

    Categories: Data analysis and visualization
    There can be a complete list if we talk about technologies that are on a rise and are going to make it big in the future. Data Analysis, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence are some of those technologies. There can be many more if we research it. All of these technologies have already left some impact on the present. But with ongoing research and experiments, the future looks brighter than a star. Data analytics and business intelligence are two fields of technology on which there has been a lot of work recently. We see a new trend every other day, and the numbers are going up exponentially. There has been a hike in the number of companies that are adopting data analytics and business intelligence.
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  2. Data Analysis And Data Science With Python And Pandas

    Data Analysis And Data Science With Python And Pandas

    Categories: Data Science, Data analysis and visualization
    While there are such a significant number of languages out there, Python is an unquestionable requirement to get the hang of programming language for the experts working in the Data Science area. There is an expanded interest for talented Data Scientists in the IT business, and Python has developed as the most favored programming language. With the assistance of this instructional exercise on Python for Data Science, you will comprehend why Python is viewed as the most favored language. Presently, how about we view the essential highlights of Python and its area situations. Many aspiring data scientists start to learn Python by taking programming courses implied for developers.
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