As more businesses onboard cloud-based solutions and migrate away from traditional data storage options, the popularity of online cloud solutions is on the rise. Cloud computing and shared services allow companies to store data in secure, online networks, allowing for seamless team collaboration without interruptions or server downtimes. Cloud-based services are also scalable, as long as your team trusts a cloud architect to expand your cloud's architecture.

Cloud service models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) further increase the volume of available cloud solutions. Firms can also adopt different deployment types based on their missions, objectives and legislation. Private, public, community and hybrid cloud deployment help add a secure, forward-thinking element to your data storage and networking processes.

With the expansion of available cloud computing comes a parallel need for more IT professionals. Companies in nearly every industry need IT professionals with certified, specialized knowledge of basic cloud architecture, so that they can assist organizations in migrating data to the cloud. If you're considering becoming an IT professional who specializes in the cloud space, you have a variety of cloud training options from which to choose.

CompTIA Cloud certifications

CompTIA Cloud is an excellent option for ambitious professionals. A non-profit trade association called Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) sponsors this certification, one that equips professionals with the knowledge required for managing data centers and managing virtualization. Depending on your organization's needs, you can obtain a CompTIA certification in many different areas of the IT industry. These certifications verify your ability to analyze requirements of any system before integrating cloud structures. You'll also learn to make suitable system adjustments based on your organization’s structure.

If you're interested in becoming a certified CompTIA professional, you can begin your journey through a few different certifications. Our CompTia Cloud+ Basics course helps to familiarize you with the cloud computing industry. Continue your journey toward cloud leadership by completing the CompTia Cloud+ Advanced certification, where you'll polish your understanding of network diagnostics, cloud resource management and other strategies.

CompTIA certifications help to qualify you as an IT professional, as you grow to adopt the following skills:

- Implementing and designing functional networks;

- Troubleshooting network problems;

- Integrating protocols, security and standards;

- Supporting the creation of virtualized networks;

- Using devices like routers and switches;

- Configuring, managing and maintaining network devices;

- Identifying benefits and defects of existing network structures.

Experience these and other skills by completing a CompTIA Cloud course.

AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications can also help you obtain an edge in the cloud computing world. AWS is one of the leading cloud platforms, making the AWS certification a smart career move if you're looking to move into a growing technology space. Earning one or more AWS certifications will inform your understanding of cloud computing environments, and can pave the way for leadership in the cloud infrastructure field.

AWS certifications help expedite your growth as an IT professional, and can lead to the development of the following skills:

- Deploying concepts, applications and continuous delivery (CD) theory;

- Understanding of AWS tools, services and best practices;

- Alerting, monitoring and logging new applications and solutions;

- Using configuration management tools for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on virtual machines.

You can pursue development of these and other skills as soon as you begin your pursuit of an AWS certification. As a visible industry leader in cloud technology, AWS certifications offer the added value of a name brand course. After obtaining your AWS certification, you'll prove yourself capable of working with industry leaders when discussing cloud computing, implement cloud infrastructures and protecting all aspects of an organization's cloud environment.

CompTIA Cloud vs AWS: which certification is right for me?

More and more organizations are migrating to cloud-based applications, infrastructure and platforms. Firms are putting more value on the scalability and variety of services available on the cloud. As a result of the steep rise in cloud computing needs, many certifications are available to give professionals the skills they need to remain competitive in a cloud domain. Of these available certifications, both CompTIA Cloud and AWS are respectively two of the most in-demand courses available industry-wide.

CompTIA Cloud certifications help to provide a foundational basis for understanding in the cloud computing world. You'll learn basics in network use and safety, cybersecurity measures and other skills that help you acclimate to the unfamiliar world of cloud computing. Once you develop a rudimentary knowledge of cloud networking, you might elect to specialize in AWS cloud architecture. If that's the case, any AWS certification can help you deepen your cloud-related knowledge and skill set.

AWS helps you capitalize on many of the cutting-edge cloud features that organizations covet. You'll learn to navigate cloud environments with tools that help you monitor new applications, configure management tools and build full-scale cloud environments for an organization of any size.

If you're not sure where to look for guidance in cloud computing, our cloud training programs are an excellent place to start. You'll learn to diagnose, troubleshoot and solve cloud problems in a controlled environment, while adopting other critical cloud computing skills with the help of top cloud instructors. Earn knowledge that can only come from hand-on experience in cloud platforms, and discover how you can help your company grow its workload by 33%.