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Cloud Computing

  1. CCNP Certification Study Guide

    CCNP Certification Study Guide

    Certified Network Associate) certifications. Cisco offers a total of 8 modules under the CCNP certification category with CCNP R&S (routing and

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  2. Top 5 Cloud Certifications

    Top 5 Cloud Certifications

    The past decade has been a witness to staggering growth of cloud computing. In fact, cloud computing is one such area of IT that has been the most

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  3. AWS Security Best Practices 2019

    AWS Security Best Practices 2019

    There are countless benefits of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The versatility of AWS’s IaaS and PaaS services helps businesses to make their cloud infrastructure more flexible so that they can adapt to new technological changes and advancements. The AWS cloud platform offers many benefits to its users, such as high efficiency and speed. However, it is still advisable for businesses to learn different ways to secure their AWS workloads and resources to reduce the negative effects of data breaches and security thefts.

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  4. Everything You Need to Know About Serverless Computing

    Everything You Need to Know About Serverless Computing

    As serverless computing is gaining popularity in the tech market, all the businesses are turning towards the serverless platform for expanding their sales. The concept of the serverless computing evolves from the Backend-as-a-Service which has now become a focal point for al the businesses who are persuading with the cloud computing solutions. At its base, the serverless platform is figuring out how to hide every one of the servers from the engineers by making a virtualized domain.

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  5. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud - Cloud Wars 2019

    AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud - Cloud Wars 2019

    Companies are increasingly aware of the advantages of migrating their servers to the cloud.

    The cloud has become a resource that offers optimization of operating costs, reduces risks offering the possibility of lower initial investment, provides access flexibility, and the efficient use of resources.

    The offer of cloud services in the digital world is wide, and in most cases, it can be difficult to decide which type is ideal for organizational use.

    In the majority of the occasions, companies look for a solution to: create infrastructures, develop modern applications, obtain information from data, or manage identities. To do this, they often issue an assessment among the following contenders: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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  6. AWS EBS: How to Enhance Performance and Reduce Costs

    In the digital age, data is the new currency. Everyone wants to use it, save it and analyze it. Some even want to steal data, delete it or hold it for ransom. In each case, the goal is often using data for advancement, and for creating money-generating opportunities. However, like any currency, it costs money to store, protect and manage data properly.

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  7. What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know about the Cloud

    What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Need to Know about the Cloud

    Cloud computing is the dominant environment for new applications and the adaptation of a large number of existing applications, facilitating and improving the flexibility of infrastructures, tools, and components for agile development of applications and services. Since cloud computing has amassed great popularity, IT professionals are familiarizing themselves with the concept of cloud computing training as well.

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  8. Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses: Infographic

    Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses: Infographic

    We all know that business data needs to be secured as firmly as possible and we’re sure you could tell us what cloud storage is if asked. You’re probably aware, too, of the need to protect any data stored within the cloud – but what if you’re not au fait with the how of protecting cloud-based data?

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