Introduction to Programming & Coding | Java Basics for Non-Developers (TTCODE101-J)

This course is a beginner level course for students who are interested in diving into java development.
This course is a beginner level course for students who are interested in diving into java development.

More Information:

  • Learning Style: Virtual
  • Provider: Java
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Course Duration: 5 Days
  • Course Info: Download PDF
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Course Information

About this course:

This course is a beginner level course for students who are interested in diving into java development. This course teaches all the fundamentals and basic concepts of programming in general and also focuses on some key features of Java as well and enlightens the students as to why Java is still one of the most relevant programming languages.

The course focuses mainly on Object-oriented concepts in Java along with an emphasis on the structural integrity of applications and why it is important to get the structure of application right from the very beginning.

Some high-level concepts like memory allocation, standard I/O, algorithm building and application security are also highlighted in this course. Throughout this course, you will gain experience in developing real world applications using Java, and during this process you will face the real world problems that are faced by developers and you will also be taught how to handle them. 

There is a lot of emphasis on the structure of the application in this course, as new developers should learn to get their coding patterns and development structure right before anything else. This also includes setting/configuring the environment and the environment variables as well.


The salary of a Java developer is around $90,000 in today's market and the need for Java developers is ever increasing.

Course objective:

Here are the main objectives of this course and what this course plans to teach.


  • Basic concepts of programming
  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Setting up and getting familiar with development environment, including IDE's
  • Understanding object oriented development
  • Learning how to make classes, methods and objects
  • Learning loops, their importance and usage
  • Use of conditions and regular expressions
  • Learning importance of lists and arrays
  • Basic GUI skills
  • Error and exception handling
  • Formatting output and formatter class



The ideal audience for this course are the people who want to gain programming skills. More specifically people who want to develop or enhance their skills in Java development.

Students are not age-specific, anyone of any age willing learn programming can enroll and get started.



Not many technical prerequisites required, only these:


  • Familiar with Windows environment
  • Wants to learn how things work within any application
  • Basic idea of number theory
  • Is able to follow suggested steps
  • Can think their way out of technical problems
  • Eager to solve problems and able to visualize problem solving skills


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