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CEO at QuickStart : Ed Sattar

Ed  Sattar
Ed Sattar
CEO of QuickStart Technologies

Ed Sattar has invested 20+ years in the e-learning industry and made significant contributions across multiple industries. His experiences include extensive research and consulting to convert training into high impact personalize the learning experiences for a modern learner. He innovated how to deliver compliance training through an LMS without comprising learner retention. Most recently, he has developed a unique proprietary Instructional Delivery Methodology called QS Learn and embedded into industry first cognitive learning platform CLIPP which is based on artificial intelligence. During his tenure, he has identified key criteria and e-learning compliance standards that are currently being published and implemented.

He has been nominated and received several industry-related awards. He has also been ranked among the top CEOs and got his companies listed in Inc 5000 several times among the fastest-growing companies. To get more of his insights, follow this blog.

  1. IT is the economy-savior in COVID 19; Here is why

    IT is the economy-savior in COVID 19; Here is why

    Covid-19 the pandemic that is keeping the world on its feet. It is a virus that started from Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei, a province of China. And within a few months, it has covered almost the whole world. This virus has caused a frightening situation in the world as we are regularly losing precious lives. The countries that are most harmed by the virus are China, Italy, the USA, and the UK. But it is raging through to the other countries as well. A lot of countries are in total lockdown to maintain social distancing that seems to be the only way to stop this virus, right now. The loss of precious lives is not the only problem caused by Covid-19. There is a financial crisis everywhere in the world due to this virus. Recession is a problem that is as big as the loss of lives.
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  2. Demand for IT Professionals: After the Biggest Recession of the Era

    Demand for IT Professionals: After the Biggest Recession of the Era

    2010 to 2020 has been a year of remarkable disruptions for those even remotely connected to the tech industry across the globe, and majorly in the first world economies. Some of the most life-changing innovations have surfaced, and businesses, employees, and customers have all witnessed the impacts in different ways. Business processes have evolved,
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  3. Role Of AI In Learning

    Role Of AI In Learning

    We have entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also, while a considerable lot of us have heard how AI will have an effect on market segments like R&D or manufacturing, you must end up pondering: What about different territories of business- - like L&D? In which way, AI will influence learning and development.
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  4. The 4 Stages of the Integration of Technology, In Learning

    The 4 Stages of the Integration of Technology, In Learning

    Learning, it is something our life revolves around. We learn, and then we apply. Everything that we have achieved or we will achieve, it is because of the curiosity and that wanting to learn instinct. It is an essential prospect of every aspect of our life, from education to work, and from work to living life. We adopt certain things from different people just because we like those things, so we learn them. Learning is the building block of development. Without learning, there is no room for improvement. Same way in schools and at the workplace, we can do certain things because we have learned it from somewhere, and we are just repeating the pattern.
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  5. IT training to Employees: A Need in 2020

    IT training to Employees: A Need in 2020

    The use of information technology is escalating rapidly. To stay updated in the market, new processes, systems, and software are being adopted by companies to perform efficiently. However, companies are still facing a huge loss in terms of profit and market share. The reason for these losses is none other than the lack of training. Adopting new technology and hiring pre-trained employees is not the right solution to survive in the market while reducing costs. However, training current employees is what is going to benefit the organization and reduce cost.
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  6. Readiness for Continuity in Online Learning

    Readiness for Continuity in Online Learning

    Digital transformation has been taking place in every field from entertainment to industry. Everyone is better connected to each other through technological processes. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the whole wide world, digital or online learning is the key to establish a quintessential bond between learning and the students. Online learning is becoming extremely viable in these times and it has been estimated that there will be a 9.23% increase in the total output from the online industry of education, increasing the number from $187.877 to $319.167 billion of dollars in the year 2025.
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  7. The Impact of Educational Technology on Adult Learners

    The Impact of Educational Technology on Adult Learners

    Educational technology (EdTech) is driving change across the adult learning and continuing education landscape. As technology continues to improve, access to education also improves for people across the spectrum of society.
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    Is E-Learning The Inevitable Future?

    A learning framework dependent on formalized education but with the assistance of electronic assets is known as E-learning. In e-learning sessions, the studies can be done inside or outside of the traditional classrooms. The use of computers and the Internet constitutes a major component of E-learning. It is also known as a network-enabled transfer of expertise and knowledge. The conveyance of training is made to an enormous number of beneficiaries at the equivalent or various occasions through e-learning.
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