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Microsoft Based Technologies Instructor: Sajid Ajmal

Sajid Ajmal
Sajid Ajmal
Microsoft Technologies Consultant

Sajid Ajmal is a Microsoft Technologies Consultant at QuickStart Technology. He has proficiency in various Microsoft based technologies such as SQL, Power-BI, coupled with extensive practical knowledge. 

With an Industry level experience of more than 4 years, making a career in Big Data, Data warehouse, and Business Intelligence development. Strong technical knowledge, and with an attention to detail accuracy in SQL Server/Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Power BI on Premise and Cloud have been his core area of expertise. Database Migration with faults resolution, query optimization and administering SQL Server databases are also at his fingertips. Read more about his ventures by following this blog.

  1. The 5 Types of Developers and How Agile Can Help Them All

    The 5 Types of Developers and How Agile Can Help Them All

    Your developers have a diverse lineup of personalities, like in Netflix’s popular series “money heist”. Every developer has a different skillset with some cons attached to it: The Futurist consistently needs to receive the most recent tech, the Scout has to get ready for each possible use-case before he composes any code, the Historian is the most experienced one however incredulous of the new (he's seen more than any of the team member), the Lone Wolf prefers to ride solo, and last but not the least, the Dev-Optimist is unhesitatingly ready to update the framework in just seven days.
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  2. Importance Of Project Management Tools

    Importance Of Project Management Tools

    Project management tools help project managers and teams cater to the client’s needs by meticulously taking care of time, scope constraints, and budget. Nonetheless, with such a significant number of available choices, picking the correct tool can be befuddling, and people may not realize exactly where to start. Many organizations, regardless of their size, across various fields are utilizing online project management tools.
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  3. Future of Project Management

    Future of Project Management

    Project Management is considered a relatively old profession. Some people argue that it shouldn’t be considered a profession, but more of a methodological work or a sequential group of activities. Others define it is a discipline, a business practice that is somewhat challenged in the complex world of business. Regardless of its perception, project management is considered an integral function across all industries and organizations over the world. With the steep rise in globalization and digitization, project management has evolved. Project management in the 20th century has generally evolved as a tactical endeavor. The technical tools of the trade, such as work breakdown schedules, earned value, and Gantt charts, are still focused and utilized. To this date, the success of a project is measured in terms of time, budget, and scope metrics. Consequently, business management and bottom-line benefits are often ignored.
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  4. 7 Best Project Management Apps to Boost Productivity

    7 Best Project Management Apps to Boost Productivity

    Project management shouldn't be a complex thing, especially when you have applications that make things a ton more straightforward and simple. When you have project management applications, you can deal with your team, projects, and deadlines, without being in the workplace. You don't need to go through a great deal of cash to get a large portion of the applications you may need. If you need to change from your present PM software for a progressively reasonable alternative that is increasingly disposed towards productivity in 2020, then you’ve landed in the right place.
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  5. How To Become Scrum Master

    How To Become Scrum Master

    To create and deploy results of the highest worth, you should have the option to assist teams with deploying items in short cycles, empowering quick criticism, ceaseless improvement, and fast adaption to change. If all this sounds like a great deal to you, then you're now in good shape to become a ScrumMaster (SM).
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  6. Free Scrum Master Courses To Get In 2020

    Free Scrum Master Courses To Get In 2020

    A certified and talented Scrum Master has a huge significance as he contributes to the success of the Scum teams. He is liable for managing the right implementation of the Scrum Framework and ensures powerful product deployment by his team.
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  7. Free Project Management Courses for Beginners

    Free Project Management Courses for Beginners

    Management sounds like a simple word, but it is a crucial and very significant thing. Starting a project takes courage, but managing it takes blood and sweat. When you know about your goals, how to achieve those goals, what kind of resources you will need, and how much time will it be to reach the goal, it is called project management. In project management, it is essential to make sure that every one that is a part of the project, knows everything about it. Because knowing the goals makes you want to achieve it even more.
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  8. Ensuring the Organization’s Success through Continuous Learning

    Ensuring the Organization’s Success through Continuous Learning

    As the world is moving towards the digital age the use of new technology, processes, and software is also increasing, Companies are highly focusing on adopting new trends to stay updated in the market and become a strong opponent. Every now and then a new software or technology is adopted to increase the efficiency and productivity in the workplace. However, with the new trends still many organizations are facing issue of adopting it. The reason to this is the lack of knowledge regarding the new system or software.
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