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  1. 7 Advantages of Investing in Employee Development

    7 Advantages of Investing in Employee Development

    1. You Promote A Culture Of Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong learning is the new way of life. It is extremely useful for IT professionals and non-IT professionals alike as new technologies are introduced every day, and you need continuous learning to be able to put these technologies to good use. By investing in employee training and development, you transform the culture of your organization into one that promotes continuous learning. You send a clear message to your employees that you expect them to learn, unlearn, and relearn new skills, and before you know it, your team turns into a group of lifelong learners ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.  

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  2. 10 Qualities of a Great LMS

    10 Qualities of a Great LMS

    With the field of professional training constantly evolving, most educational processes have gone digital. Online learning programs have taken over the teaching and training industry for professionals. An effective LMS (Learning Management System) is of great value to any organization if they intend to increase the efficiency of their workforce through constant training and professional development and meet organizational goals effortlessly.

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  3. How to Choose the Right IT Skills Training Provider for your Organization

    How to Choose the Right IT Skills Training Provider for your Organization

    Any business organization that wants to stay relevant in the industry needs to invest in such skilled professionals who can work for the growth and development of their business. Whether it is technical or non-technical staff, employers need to select the right type of employees who can adjust and understand the environment of your organization. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of every employee's performance and capabilities, it is crucial for businesses to invest in the right type of training providers who can understand the objectives and goals of your organization.

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  4. How To Measure Workforce Readiness In Your Organization

    How To Measure Workforce Readiness In Your Organization

    Workforce readiness is an important concept in the modern approach to human resource management. It is used as a measure for developing a workforce that has the potential to respond to any change that the organization may have to go through.

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  5. What Is Workforce Readiness?

    What Is Workforce Readiness?

    From an HR perspective, workplace readiness refers to the competence and willingness of employees to change and adapt according to the needs of the workplace. Not everyone enters the workplace with all the skills that they will need to do their jobs, or at every stage of their career. Even the organization won’t stay the same as policies and the environment changes.

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  6. What's The Future Of L&D

    What's The Future Of L&D

    In recent times, those business corporations which have invested in L&D programs have witnessed remarkable changes in terms of talent engagement and retention, increased business profits, and more. Business experts globally agree to the fact that conventional methods of employee training and development cannot bring the desired results as technology has drastically changed in recent years. The current technological advancements in IoT (Internet of Things), big data and cloud computing requires such skills and knowledge that cannot be fulfilled by a conventional learning and development program.

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  7. What Kind Of Job And Salary Can I Expect With The PMP Certification?

    What Kind Of Job And Salary Can I Expect With The PMP Certification?

    Taking a PMP certification is a huge investment in terms of time and money. It is common sense to identify the return on this investment before committing to the course. This article gives you an overview of the PMP certification and the salary increase you can expect after becoming a PMP certified project manager. Several factors go into determining your revised salary, including your experience, job role, and the organizational size.

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  8. QuickStart vs. CBT Nuggets - Choose Wisely!

    QuickStart vs. CBT Nuggets - Choose Wisely!

     that IT professionals can take to advance in their careers by staying on the cutting edge of technology. But each has its unique characteristics that make it more useful in particular situations and environments. Here is a comprehensive review of the comparable features of these two successful platforms.

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