ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one of the most widely-accepted foundation frameworks in IT Service Management (ITSM). It is a set of industry best practices used by businesses to effectively manage their IT services in line with their organizational business strategies. ITIL acts as a governing agent for IT, and uses the ITIL Service Lifecycle to map the entire journey from customer needs and requirements all the way through continual improvement of services.

Many well-established organizations Microsoft, IBM, Disney, NASA, Cisco and more have utilized the benefits of successful implementation of ITIL in their IT service management and have reported great success.

According to a Gartner report, “… (on implementing ITIL) clients have identified improved customer satisfaction with IT services, better communications and information flows between IT staff and customers, and reduced costs in developing procedures and practices within an enterprise”.

Another Forrester survey revealed that more than 80% of businesses believed that ITIL had added value to their organizational productivity and quality of service.

There are five levels of qualifications within the ITIL Certification Path, as mentioned below:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Intermediate – Service Lifecycle stream and Service Capability stream
  • ITIL Managing Across the Life Cycle
  • ITIL Expert Level
  • ITIL Master

Here are 10 reasons for professionals to get ITIL certification:

1. Higher Pay Opportunities

An ITIL certification can really put you in a higher pay category and help you boost your resume. An ITIL-skilled professional is not only an asset to the business, but capable of receiving lucrative pay scales in the market. Technopedia has listed ITIL certification as one of the top 5 highest paying IT certifications out there.

2. A Valuable Skillset

The ITIL framework has proved successful and effective, and gaining knowledge in the framework makes professionals achieves goals faster and in a more cost-effective way. Since certified ITIL personnel are expected to have the skills to better manage and implement ITIL best practices across most IT infrastructures, they are seen as a strong asset to the organizations.

3. Ability to Speak ITSM’s Common Language

A certified ITIL professional will have the knowledge of the right terms, phrases, methods of conveying information with other IT tech professionals in a native lingo common to all certified professionals in the industry. This common vocabulary for ITSM ensures no lapses due to miscommunication.

4. Stand Out Among the Ordinary

ITIL certifications separate your resume among millions of other candidates in a job hiring scenario. Also, you will be more confident in your abilities and expertise. The employers too will also choose to invest in you looking at your demonstrated skills and knowledge of industry best practices.

5. Jack of Many Trades

If definitely not all, which is practically impossible, you will become a jack of many trades. By working with such a broad, complex framework like ITIL, you will get a chance to wear many hats during the course and prove your skills and knowledge at each level. Your certification can work like a springboard to better ITSM roles as well.

6. Better ROI

Skilled ITIL professionals help organizations establish robust processes that can fine tune your company’s IT operations to provide maximum value and lower costs. From the employer’s perspective, something with ITIL training and skills can provide value right away and bring efficiency to the IT processes.

7. Enhance Customer Relationships

ITIL regulations are designed to support service providers to deliver service persistently on Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With ITIL certified professionals, organizations can significantly reduce the interruption time of service and provide faster service to its customers, thereby building a positive reputation in the industry.

8. ITIL is Virtually Everywhere

Organizations all over the globe have adopted the ITIL framework, which opens plenty of room for job growth and opportunities to work anywhere globally across any industry.

9. Knowledge of ITIL Best Practices

Self-taught professionals learn by going through trial and error process over time to find the best way of doing something. However, certified ITIL professionals get to learn and train themselves in industry best practices during the certification training. Thus, when hired, they tend to prove their abilities with faster and better results, proving their value to the organization.

10. Better Career Growth & Job Opportunities

By acquiring ITIL certification, you can kick-start your journey with more chances of promotion to higher tier roles and positions. The ‘certified’ tag with your name indicates to a potential employer that you have taken the time to validate a level of knowledge about ITIL and IT service management (ITSM). This certification will often give you more options in terms of job roles within the organization.  

With assured benefits of ITIL for any organization, the demand of certified ITIL professionals is growing like never before. Employers are seeking professionals with ITIL certification to manage their ITIL framework. Certified ITIL professionals have a greater edge over their competitors in the company and market. Clearly, this is the right time to get training in ITIL Foundation for phenomenal career growth and standing out from the crowd.

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QuickStart is offering ITIL Foundation V3 online course deals with key elements, concepts and terminology associated with ITIL service lifecycle management, and is the first of the five levels in ITIL certification path. This entry-level qualification for IT professionals is the third version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a globally recognized collection of best practices for managing information technology.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL Foundation certification is a prerequisite for high-level certifications provided by ITIL. However, there is no such prerequisite for the Foundation course of ITIL. This ITIL Foundations V3 course can be taken by anyone looking forward to make a career in ITIL and want to gain the basic understanding of the ITIL framework.

QuickStart lends a personalized learning experience and offers high impact mentoring with hands-on lab experience. Certified ITIL Foundation V3 professionals from QuickStart see a greater earning and promotion potential for the rest of their career.