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Information Security Instructor; Abdul Mujeeb

Abdul Mujeeb
Abdul Mujeeb
Training Operations manager

Abdul Mujeeb is a Training Operations manager at QuickStart Technologies. He has over 10+ years of managing varied domains of technical side of businesses from Implementation, Consultation, and Architecture Solutions for Startup. Apart from that he also has expertise around Security+, CEH, CCNA, Web Development, Software Development & integration, Information System, Project Manager Implementation, SQA & Architecture Development, and IT Consultation for Startups.

  1. CAN and CVEs in information security explained

    CAN and CVEs in information security explained

    As the digital world continued to develop and seek more spontaneous and consistent processes for automating their operations, and vulnerabilities persisted. Not only in the form of the software crashes but also in terms of networking and other protocols widely practiced. However, this advancement in threats and attacks made the professionals incorporate certain protocols and systems in place to combat these threats. CAN and CVE in information security are the latest standard protocols that are widely interpreted and instated for the sake of detecting vulnerabilities and making sure that no such events linger in the networking side of the business;
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  2. Understanding The Importance of App Security from the Start

    Understanding The Importance of Implementing App Security from the Start of Development

    The increasing competition among organizations has led developers to create and launch more and more applications each day while compromising its security. Unlike in the past, customers are now educated and aware of the importance of application security. Whether they want to share an important document or save their images, they always prefer an application that provides high-security of their data. As privacy is becoming a major concern for customers nowadays, companies are trying to provide security to user data through built-in security in the app.  The built-in security assures customers of the privacy of their data and satisfies the customer completely.
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  3. What are the problems with providing data security?

    What are the problems with providing data security?

    Since 2013, about 3,809,448 data records have been stolen through data breaches daily. That makes it 158,727 every hour, 2,645 every minute, and 44 records every second. Every second! Can you comprehend the scale of the threat that your firm's data is in right now? It's massive and growing with every passing day. Let's take a look at the issues related to data security.
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  4. What is IoT privacy?

    What is IoT privacy?

    Are you a big fan of IoT? Do you want IoT devices to be a permanent part of your firm? First, take a look at one of the biggest issues you could be facing by using IoT devices.
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  5.  Why Security & Safety Readiness is important?

    Why Security & Safety Readiness is important?

    In today's high tech world, technology has made our lives very different than the way they were a few decades ago. Everything has changed, so have the risks and threats in the business world. The threats have grown so frequent that on average, firms face a new cybersecurity threat every hour .cyber crimes are getting bigger in scale and no one is safe anymore. Private sector and public sector are both facing these problems equally. These security breaches can damage either your finances or your reputation.
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  6. Tips to Secure IoT and Connected Systems

    Tips to Secure IoT and Connected Systems

    The “Internet of things” (IoT) term was coined by Kevin Ashton, the executive director of the Auto-ID Center in 1999. IoT refers to the billions of physical devices around the world connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing information. Thanks to the beginning of super-cheap computer chips & the ubiquity of wireless networks, it's possible to modify anything, from something as minor as a pill to something as gigantic as an airplane, into a part of the IoT.
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  7. infosec jobs

    Why Choose Cybersecurity as a Career

    In the old days to be a hero, you needed to hold a sword. Then these sword holding heroes changed into pen holding knights. New times call for new heroes and these heroes save the world from cybercrime.

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  8. Predictions 2020: Is Security Automation the Answer?

    Predictions 2020: Is Security Automation the Answer?

    Security automation is the future. It is the only sustainable system that would survive this new era against security threats.
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