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Information Security

  1. What is the Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security?

    What is the Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security?

    Keeping the user information safe is a crucial issue in most organizations. Cybersecurity is an area which deals with the set of techniques or procedures that ensure the safety of users online. Companies have begun addressing cyber threats far more seriously today with the rise in cyber-attacks. We have numerous examples of multimillion-dollar organizations being targeted by cybercriminals accessing valuable data and information.

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  2. 10 Most Popular Certifications Needed for Cybersecurity Careers

    10 Most Popular Certifications Needed for Cybersecurity Careers

    The growth in global spending on cybersecurity services and products is enough to validate the growing concerns related to cybersecurity threats. In fact, it is further expected that the growth will continue to increase by 12%-15% every year until 2021, with products of the Internet of Things continue to lead the way. Every product today that is connected to the internet is at risk of getting targeted for hacking. It is now quite clear why most organizations - both small and large - are investing in the information security to find the best that's available in the market to take care of the growing cybersecurity threat.

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  3. What is Cybersecurity? What You Need to Know

    What is Cybersecurity? What You Need to Know

    Nowadays, we all depend heavily on technology. This dependency also translates into us trusting the internet with our data and the subsequent increase in online hackers. But hackers aren’t looking to target individuals like you and me, they are looking for a big payday, and that usually comes from large organizations. The larger the company, the higher the risk of cyberattacks. That’s where cybersecurity enters the scene.

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  4. 10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Certifications For 2019 and Beyond

    10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Certifications For 2019 and Beyond

    IT security certifications play a vital role in the career growth of IT workers. Not only these additional certifications are great for earning higher average salaries, but there are also more career opportunities that keep individuals secure in the industry. Additional certifications - especially in cybersecurity - can increase your salary by 15%. Moreover, the global demand for IT skills is also expected to increase by 2021, creating more than 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs as per the projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    It is important to note now that every IT position has some role to play when it comes to cybersecurity. Each individual, even the non-IT staff, must be involved with defending and protecting apps, devices, data, people, and infrastructure.

    To give your career the boost it needs in the IT industry, it is important to learn about the most valuable cybersecurity certifications. We have compiled the top 10 list to make this easy for you.

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  5. Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With IT Certifications

    Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With IT Certifications

    For attaining skill for any profession, you need to have relevant education. Today, apart from year-long college programs, there is the ease of getting enrolled in certifications and learning the trick of the trade in less time.

    Certifications enable us to not only have the knowledge of a particular subject, but also allow us to crack into the tough job-market with proof of being legitimate. When it comes to IT, people all around the world are taking part in certifications, both online and offline, to become specialist in many fields of IT.

    Technology is indeed flourishing and with it has increased the demand of better, more capable, learned, and certified IT professionals. Therefore, if you are planning on getting certified in any of the many IT fields, we have compiled a blog for you stating the top 10 jobs that an IT certified professional can get.

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  6. CISA: The Cyber Security Certification No One Is Talking About

    CISA: The Cyber Security Certification No One Is Talking About

    For an organization to run its Information Systems, it is essential to have professional and highly trained audits that are not only capable of identifying issues in the systems but are also able to lay a secure framework for maximum protection.

    One such certification that allows IS audit professionals to elevate their status and secure handsome jobs that meet an organization’s needs is the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). This certification is granted by the ISACA for those professionals who look after a company’s IT systems and ensures that there is no threat or that the systems are well protected.

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  7. CASP vs CISSP


    The internet connects everything. From online banking to important government accounts, everything is networked together. Therefore, today, more than ever there’s a need to establish strong cyber security infrastructure to protect critical data from getting into the wrong hands.

    Cyber attacks have become quite common and have caused businesses and agencies hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, according to the Center for Strategic & International Studies, there have been 39 cyber attacks around the world in 2019. From attacks on security forces to government funded cyber warfare, the list goes on.

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  8. CompTIA Security+ Job Interview Questions

    CompTIA Security+ Job Interview Questions

    Organizations today need to find a way to deal with new cybersecurity threats every day. That’s where a CompTIA Security+ certified technician comes in.

    CompTIA Security+ is a vendor neutral, renowned certification that allows IT professionals to handle and manage all kinds of security functions on computers and different digital devices. It is the responsibility of the security technician in organizations to keep their systems running smoothly in a safe environment so that critical data is safe from hackers, ransomware, and disgruntled employees.

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