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Information Security

  1. What Skills Are Needed For Cybersecurity

    What Skills Are Needed For Cybersecurity

    Categories: Information Security
    Are you eyeing for a career in cybersecurity? Does cybersecurity attacks intrigue you? Cybersecurity is a sought after, quickly developing field with a requirement for qualified professionals, offering reasonable pay rates, openings for work in a variety of fields, and a relentless yet challenging workplace.
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  2. How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?

    How to Earn the Best Cybersecurity Salary in a Booming Market?

    Categories: Information Security , Career Driven , Bootcamps
    Speaking clearly, there is a clear scarcity of able cybersecurity professionals in the world, there are various opportunities that are still to be sought afar and various empty vacancies that need to be filled. But amid all this what is the truth about cybersecurity salaries? Cybersecurity engineers were rated as the highest paying individuals from the cybersecurity domain and there was about a 16 percent increase in the hiring of IT professionals than the non-IT personnel.
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  3. Top 5 advantages to getting CompTIA CASP+ certification

    Top 5 Advantages to Getting CompTIA CASP+ Certification

    Categories: Information Security , CompTIA
    When it comes to scoring the job opportunities, employers require professionals who have sufficient knowledge and a sharpened skillset for solving various IT problems. Various jobs in the domain of cybersecurity such as security architect, application security engineer, technical lead analyst as well as the security engineer. All of these jobs are highly in demand, and the demand is expected to grow in the coming years according to the statistics of research conducted on the matter.
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  4. SSCP Vs CISSP; Which Is Better

    SSCP Vs CISSP; Which Is Better

    Categories: Information Security , Technology Comparison
    Information security certifications show fundamental information levels and frequently demonstrate the individual's actual potential. There are numerous information security certifications however it truly comes down to what range of abilities or course the individual needs to go. Certifications go from industry knowledge to the government or industry regulatory compliance, penetration testers to ethical hacking. A few certifications are entry-level and some require quite a while of encounters with peer references before getting certified.
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  5. C.I.S.S.P. Cheat Sheet

    C.I.S.S.P. Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Information Security , Cheat Sheet
    In the current age of fast-evolving web development and the internet, the information, data, and system security is vital. Information systems security, which is commonly referred to as INFOSEC, is a set of processes and methodologies involved in keeping the important information available, confidential, and ensuring its integrity.
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  6. Why Security+ Should Be Your First Information Security Certification

    Why Security+ Should Be Your First Information Security Certification

    Categories: Information Security , Learning
    Just like other fields, picking up certifications in information security can help support your career and take it to more noteworthy levels. Truly, certifications are the favored technique for information security experts to exhibit to the world that they are skilled in the field and have the information to be successful in the job. While there are numerous certifications accessible for the entry-level information security professional, the Security+ certification outshine the rest. This blog will discuss in detail why it is so but before that, we’ll also tell you about some other certifications as well, it has to be a fair play, right?
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  7. All You Should Know About Web Scripting Virus and How to Counter It

    All You Should Know About Web Scripting Virus and How to Counter It

    Categories: Information Security , Cyber Security
    There are hardly any websites that execute complex code with the sole reason to provide fascinating content to engage users. For instance, you can take the execution of online videos that need usage of specific code language to play the video and to assist the viewer. Nowadays, these codes regularly get misused and because of this a virus gets its way into the machine and to control that machine using a website. This virus is called a web scripting virus. It is said that spam websites are being made with a forced infected piece of code, however, mostly this virus exists when a code is being embedded in a webpage without the notice of the webmaster. The attacked site stays, all the same, all the while, viruses have become so smart that you cannot spot if the site is under attack. Under the commandeer web control the phony input takes the position and when a user inputs his username and password the transparent frame captures all the data.
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  8. What Developers Need to Know About Java Security

    What Developers Need to Know About Java Security

    Categories: App Development , Information Security , Web Development
    Back in the days, when there was no technology or we can say there was technology but not as evolved as it is now. We were not used to doing things with the help of machines, and none the less we worked like machines back then. But as technology started its evolution, the world started changing. A lot of machines were designed to accommodate the human race. The evolution of technology did not stop there, and we reached a point where we started automating those machines for multitasking. That, in some cases, even involved computers and the set of instructions we used to tell the machine its work is called programming. Some of them were general-purpose, some were object-oriented, and some had both the characteristics. When we talk about a general-purpose programming language that is also object-oriented, the first name that pops up in mind is Java.
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