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  1. Top 5 advantages to getting CompTIA CASP+ certification

    Top 5 Advantages to Getting CompTIA CASP+ Certification

    Categories: Information Security , CompTIA
    When it comes to scoring the job opportunities, employers require professionals who have sufficient knowledge and a sharpened skillset for solving various IT problems. Various jobs in the domain of cybersecurity such as security architect, application security engineer, technical lead analyst as well as the security engineer. All of these jobs are highly in demand, and the demand is expected to grow in the coming years according to the statistics of research conducted on the matter.
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  2. CompTIA Certification Guide

    CompTIA Certification Guide

    Categories: Study Guides , CompTIA
    Digital transformation is the buzz phrase everyone is wild about right now. Businesses are gravitating towards digitalization, and the ones that don’t embrace it will be left behind. Companies are spending large amounts of money on the digital transformation of their businesses. An organization, whether it is small or big, has the same aim in mind, and that is to use these technologies to make their business better. Their aim is not just to replicate their current business in the digital form but also create a more influential version of it.
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  3. 10 CompTIA A+ Job Interview Questions and their Answers

    10 CompTIA A+ Job Interview Questions and their Answers

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , CompTIA , Interview QAs

    The IT job market is vast, and there are thousands of organizations and businesses looking for certified computer service technicians to work with them. To become a skilled and well-informed PC service technician, it is important to pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams. Once you are CompTIA A+ certified, you can start applying for the following jobs:

    • Support Specialist
    • Help Desk Tier 2 Support
    • Field Service Technician
    • Desktop Support Analyst

    Once you apply for these jobs and get short-listed thanks to your CompTIA A+ certification, you will be called in for an interview. In this article, we have compiled a list of questions that usually come up.

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  4. Boost Your Paycheck With Comptia Certifications

    Boost Your Paycheck With Comptia Certifications

    Categories: CompTIA
    The tech world offers fabulous career opportunities. If you have the right IT certifications, then you can assemble a resume that stands out among other different contenders. One of the surefire approaches to boost your paycheck is through certifications in specific fields. If you’re an IT guy working in any field like cybersecurity, data analysis, system administration, or networking there are a ton of certifications out there to feature your skill.
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  5. IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA

    IT Certification and Career Roadmap by CompTIA

    Categories: Learning , CompTIA
    Whenever we hear the term IT or information technology, we always think of computers. We believe it is anything to do using computers, but it is not the complete truth. The real definition of IT is that it is the technology that involves development, maintenance, computers, software, and networks for data processing and data distribution. This definition is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to that, the term IT was used in 1978 for the first time. The thing to notice here is that we are using computers for data processing. By that means, the fabricating of a computer has nothing to do with IT, neither the hand-operated processing of information. Yes, there were computers before the invention of IT, but we mostly used them for complicated calculations. When we started doing sorting and indexing of data with computers, it was the time information technology was invented.
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  6. Reasons to Take Security+ Before Network+

    Reasons to Take Security+ Before Network+

    Categories: Information Security , CompTIA
    The growing demand for IT experts and technicians has led businesses to hire certified IT employees. Hiring certified IT employees not only strengthen their systems but also help to improve. With the rising demand for the IT field, every individual is looking forward to making their career. Either it is a degree or a diploma related to IT technician jobs, people are just doing it for the sake of better job opportunities. However, instead, they should be investing their time in IT certifications offered online to IT field workers. Many well-reputed organizations are offering online certifications; this may include Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA.
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  7. Career Growth with CompTIA Security + Certification

    Career Growth with CompTIA Security + Certification

    Categories: Career Driven , CompTIA
    The rapid growth in the IT industry has created intense competition in the market. Every business is looking for a way to improve its performance using the latest software and technologies. In this challenging environment, CompTIA has developed a new software for your data security. Data security is becoming a very crucial element for businesses. Organizations are using the latest multi-layered software to protect their data from theft or other damage.
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  8. Career Opportunities with CompTIA A+ Certification

    Career Opportunities with CompTIA A+ Certification

    Categories: Career Driven , CompTIA
    CompTIA, is the abbreviation for Computing Technology Industry Association, is an organization that offers certifications to IT specialists. The certification is divided into four areas; core, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and additional professional. Each area consists of several certifications. Among all these certifications, one of the best is CompTIA A+ Certification.
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