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  1. How to use SQL Server for Linux

    How to Use SQL Server for Linux

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , IT Skills
    We have heard a lot about data by now. Have you ever wondered why? Let's open that why and go behind the logic of data. As we know, data is anything, anything at all. Any information or fact about something, any word, any letter, any document, or anything else, they all fall in the category of data. But, why do we value data this much? The reason is hidden behind its uncountable applications. We can use data to make anything better than it is, and we do so. We can use data to make our company's products better, and that data will be about the customers' feedback. We can map the performance of the company if we have data. It also helps us make decisions that are better and quicker. Decisions that are based on data are always result-oriented. Data analyzing is a skill, and not everybody can perform this task. Companies hire data scientists to analyze data and find insights from the data for them.
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  2. ITIL V3 vs ITIL V4; Major differences

    ITIL V3 vs ITIL V4; Major differences

    Categories: IT Ops & Management
    These days, to stay on top of the game, business owners must find solutions and capabilities to win the competition. That is only possible when equal attention to both corporate and Information technology (IT) goals given does not matter how difficult or cumbersome the task is.
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  3. Why IT service certification is a must-have for ITIL professional?

    Why IT Service Certification Is a Must-Have for ITIL Professionals?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management
    ITIL has been taken up by various digital businesses and companies around the world as it provides customized IT solutions that cover the distinguished requirements of the businesses. ITIL framework provides you with the ease and agility that you require. The information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) focuses on detailed practices for the IT management that focuses on aligning IT services with the precise needs of businesses; that is why it is so much in need. 
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  4. How to manage the transition from ITIL v3 to v4?

    How to Manage the Transition From ITIL v3 to v4?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , Career Driven
    ITIL or otherwise known as the information technology infrastructure library is a framework that is designed to bridge the IT infrastructure with the dedicated needs of the businesses. With the help of ITIL, a dedicated IT workflow for a company or business can be designed and a clear cut way of doing things or a standard if you may; can be put to work. Service selection, managing IT networks, delivery of software to the end-users can be streamlined with the help of the ITIL according to the dedicated needs of the businesses.
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  5. How to double my income; get ITIL Foundation certification?

    How to Double My Income? Get ITIL Foundation Certification

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , Career Driven
    ITIL is not an entry-level certification and certainly has tons of benefits to offer you if you want to carve yourself a promising career in the IT landscape. This certification primarily helps the person to understand a variety of IT-based needs from the user's perspective and aligning the IT needs in accordance with the decisive requirements of the clients. In today's world, the ITIL certification is an emerging standard that helps the businesses to have IT services in a managed way that is economical and also offers extreme quality in the process of doing so.
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  6. Got ITIL V4 Certified: What Is Next?

    Got ITIL V4 certified; what is next

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , Learning
    The world of IT is progressing at a steady pace, in fact, there are many tools and systems that are being introduced right now that can take care of development-related problems, make work processes agile, and help in developing better security-related practices around things. The same goes for the ITIL or information technology infrastructure library is a set of detailed practices that involves the customization of IT and networking systems according to the very requirements of the users.
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  7. How To Effectively Lead Remote Teams

    How To Effectively Lead Remote IT Teams

    Categories: Business Productivity , IT Ops & Management
    The consistent walk towards working from home and remote teams was accelerated definitely by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent report by IBM, it has been found that the greater part of workers need remote work to be their essential technique for working, and 75 percent said they'd like the alternative to keep working remotely for some time. Many organizations have agreed to this.
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  8. 10 CompTIA A+ Job Interview Questions and their Answers

    10 CompTIA A+ Job Interview Questions and their Answers

    Categories: IT Ops & Management , CompTIA , Interview QAs

    The IT job market is vast, and there are thousands of organizations and businesses looking for certified computer service technicians to work with them. To become a skilled and well-informed PC service technician, it is important to pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams. Once you are CompTIA A+ certified, you can start applying for the following jobs:

    • Support Specialist
    • Help Desk Tier 2 Support
    • Field Service Technician
    • Desktop Support Analyst

    Once you apply for these jobs and get short-listed thanks to your CompTIA A+ certification, you will be called in for an interview. In this article, we have compiled a list of questions that usually come up.

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