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Brian Hernandez

Brian  Hernandez
Brian Hernandez
Web development Instructor

Brian Hernandez is a programmer with over 15 years of experience in creating websites, mobile applications and plugins to help businesses, technologists and entrepreneurs take advantage of various web technologies. A Mobility professional, Brian is capable of managing end-to-end technology projects, from ideation to execution, maintaining a strong sensitivity for deadlines. His talent, passion for programming and hunger for additional skills has earned him expertise over Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, C++, Node.js, React, SQL and Angular.

  1. Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Categories: Programming Language
    As the world of programming continues to evolve, more languages are coming to the forefront for developers who work in different environments. Platform-specific programming languages like Kotlin and Swift are gaining in popularity, while mainstays like JavaScript and C still have their fans among long-time developers.
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  2. React JS Cheat Sheet

    React JS Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Programming Language , Cheat Sheet
    React JS history dates back to 2011 when it was first created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook. It was first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and on in 2012. React JS is a JavaScript library being used for building user interfaces, primarily for single-page applications. It is used for managing the view layer for mobile apps and the web. This library can be used in conjunction with other JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. It was created to enhance performance through speed, scalability and simplicity. As of date, React is powering Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites.  The statistics for year end 2019 show that 659,358 websites have been developed with React JS.
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  3. 10 Applications of Object Oriented Programming

    10 Applications of Object Oriented Programming

    Categories: App Development , Programming Language

    Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model that revolves around objects and not actions. Historically, it was viewed as a procedure that takes input, processes the data, and gives an output. Web developers across the world learn object-oriented programming with Python to achieve many goals. If you are new to the game, here are some basic concepts of OOP: 

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  4. How Maintaining HTML5 Skills Can Grow Your Career

    Categories: App Development

    You might already be familiar with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),which evolved primarily to standardize the open web platform. The latest (and the greatest) version of this language, HTML5, is a game-changer that adds a ton of new features to the HTML repertoire, and lets developers work faster and more efficiently. HTML5 isn’t just about additional markup tags—it’s about APIs that developers program using client-side script. With more agility, mobile-friendly, and compatibility with more browsers, HTML5 offers a whole new paradigm for developing web applications.

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  5. 6 Benefits of Web Applications Skills

    Categories: App Development

    With the growing technology and user base, the internet has found itself a host of web applications based on the latest standards. Although the purpose of each and every web application is vastly different, there are a few key skills that are a must for creating a successful web application. These skills cover all the areas related to web application development.

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  6. 10 Famous Websites Built With Python

    10 Famous Websites Built With Python

    Categories: App Development

    The global programming landscape is growing by leaps and bounds. With skilled programmers and web developers making six figures yearly, it certainly won’t be hyperbole to say that web development is an evergreen line of work. People need websites, and if you know how to make them, you will never be out of work. In this blog post, we will focus on Python.

    Python came into existence in 1991 and has taken giant strides in the world of programming. Built by a Dutch programmer named Guido van Rossum, Python is an advanced programming language that emphasizes the concept of code readability. It follows a syntax that allows programmers to build a framework using fewer lines of code.

    A striking feature that makes Python a preferred language for programmers to build websites is the language’s dynamic type system and automatic memory management. The fact that it also supports multiple paradigms of programming, including Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), functional, imperative, and

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  7. The Top Trends of App Development in 2017

    Categories: App Development

    Until smartphones, there was a time when the role of a phone was only to make or receive calls. The rapid advancement in the mobile phone industry is a testament to the creativity and efforts of app developers who changed the face of technology. When the smartphone industry was in its infancy, app development was focused on accomplishing important tasks like ticket booking and bill payments. However, with increased usage of smart devices and number of users, there has been a flood of apps through iTune Store and Google Play Store.

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