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Programming Language

  1. Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020; Tips to Learn Java Programming

    Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020

    Categories: Programming Language
    Java is a programming language and computing platform released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is an object-oriented language similar to C++ but with advanced and simplified features. Java is free to access and can run on all platforms. Using Java, you can simultaneously execute multiple codes rather than sequentially executing them.
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  2. Understanding HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

    Understanding HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

    Categories: Programming Language
    Whether we talk about a simple web application, or we dig down into the complexities of websites, HTML has its way of being major support as it is known to describe each primary structure of a webpage. Almost every web developer uses it because it is considered to be the easiest language to integrate into a web program.
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  3. Basics of object-oriented programming

    Basics of object-oriented programming

    Categories: Programming Language
    Object-Oriented Programming or simply just OOP is a programming standard based on the idea of "objects", which can contain information, in the form of fields (aka attributes/properties), and code, in the form of procedures (aka methods). A feature of objects is an object's procedure that can access and usually alter the data fields of the object with which they are related.
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  4. A Guide for SQL Programmers

    A Guide for SQL Programmers

    Categories: Microsoft, Programming Language
    SQL, also known as Structured Query Language, is a standard language program used to access and operate databases for digital products. It generates requests from a user’s program to the database. The language is used to store and edit the data in a server.
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    Is It Worth Learning C# in 2020?

    Categories: Programming Language
    C# is an easy, convenient, and an object-oriented programming language. The purpose of C# was to develop a programming language that is not only simple to learn but also supports the up-to-date functionalities for diverse software development. It is a composite of two previous languages; C and C++, developed by Microsoft to compete with Sun's Java language. It is designed for advancing productivity in the development of Web applications.
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  6. 5 Easy To Learn Coding Languages For Beginners

    5 Easy To Learn Coding Languages For Beginners

    Categories: Programming Language
    For any beginner who has quite recently begun to learn how to code or for any individual who might want to start, it tends to be somewhat challenging. Learning a programming language is not an easy task. Leave aside the level of difficulty, picking a programming language that suits one's need is an intense job. But on the off chance, if the person has a good idea of what he/she wants to learn, this job gets easier. In this way, by examining one's needs, half of the problem is fixed.
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  7. A Comprehensive Guide to Linux Programming

    A Comprehensive Guide to Linux Programming

    Categories: Linux, Programming Language
    Linux was introduced in the early ’90s by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish software engineer, and Free Software Foundation (FSF). Since then, Linux has seen incredible growth in the market. The competent and consistent system is what makes Linux popular among competitors like Microsoft, Apple, and Android.
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  8. Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Categories: Programming Language
    As the world of programming continues to evolve, more languages are coming to the forefront for developers who work in different environments. Platform-specific programming languages like Kotlin and Swift are gaining in popularity, while mainstays like JavaScript and C still have their fans among long-time developers.
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