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App Development

  1. Top Coding trends to follow in 2021

    Top Coding Trends to Follow in 2021

    Categories: App Development , Web Development
    I think we all understand that the whole world working on code. Just look at your surroundings and realize.
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  2. Young app developers who become millionaires; you could be next

    Young App Developers Who Became Millionaires: You Could be Next

    Categories: App Development , Bootcamps
    There are about millions of apps working both on Android and iOS systems, these apps have been downloaded billions of times and the trend doesn’t seem to be settling any time soon. The main reason behind this approach is because apps are more user dedicated and have a better User interface than windows or web application based systems. People use apps on daily basis and even if the usage is restricted to a normal limit still a person on average is using about 2-3 apps on a daily basis.
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  3. How to Become an App Developer

    How to Become an App Developer

    Categories: App Development , Bootcamps
    Who doesn't want to be an app developer when it offers such a huge amount of money? Looking at the success and fame of Instagram or Snapchat, you may have thought of building one of your own but you won't have any idea about where to start. Building an app may sound quite a handful but if you give it the practice and the time it requires, you can create one of the sturdiest apps.
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  4. 8 Free Security Tools Every Developer Should Know and Use

    8 Free Security Tools Every Future Developer Should Know and Use

    Categories: App Development , Web Development , Cyber Security , Bootcamps
    Security is the most valuable thing in the cyber world. It is the fundamental factor that makes the difference. Software and applications of different companies are compared by how secure it is. It is usually the first thing people ask about when they need some internet-based services. We can see how the internet has grown so much and has captured the whole world. But with that, hacking activities have also grown. It has been a part of the daily routine to hear about security breaches. The digital world has evolved a lot, but the techniques of hacking and its tools have evolved as well, which is threatening as well as disturbing.
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  5. What Developers Need to Know About Java Security

    What Developers Need to Know About Java Security

    Categories: App Development , Information Security , Web Development
    Back in the days, when there was no technology or we can say there was technology but not as evolved as it is now. We were not used to doing things with the help of machines, and none the less we worked like machines back then. But as technology started its evolution, the world started changing. A lot of machines were designed to accommodate the human race. The evolution of technology did not stop there, and we reached a point where we started automating those machines for multitasking. That, in some cases, even involved computers and the set of instructions we used to tell the machine its work is called programming. Some of them were general-purpose, some were object-oriented, and some had both the characteristics. When we talk about a general-purpose programming language that is also object-oriented, the first name that pops up in mind is Java.
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  6. The 5 Types of Developers and How Agile Can Help Them All

    5 Different Developer Personality Types and How Agile Can Help Them

    Categories: App Development , Web Development
    Your developers have a diverse lineup of personalities, like in Netflix’s popular series “money heist”. Every developer has a different skillset with some cons attached to it: The Futurist consistently needs to receive the most recent tech, the Scout has to get ready for each possible use-case before he composes any code, the Historian is the most experienced one however incredulous of the new (he's seen more than any of the team member), the Lone Wolf prefers to ride solo, and last but not the least, the Dev-Optimist is unhesitatingly ready to update the framework in just seven days.
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  7. Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Categories: App Development , Data Science
    Python is one of the top programming languages for leading big data companies and tech startups. It is a versatile language used for various purposes, including numerical computations, data science, web development, and machine learning.
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  8. Web Development Technologies Evolution

    Web Development Technologies Evolution

    Categories: App Development
    The world is advancing at a remarkable speed. The never-ending research on technological interventions over the years has changed the face of the earth. While talking about advancements, one of the fastest evolving areas is the internet. The Internet is eventually changing everything, including ourselves. The impact of the internet on business, education, communication, science, technology, and the human race cannot be denied. Certainly, the internet is one of the most significant and influential creations in the history of human existence.
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