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Ed Sattar

Ed  Sattar
Ed Sattar
CEO of QuickStart Technologies

Ed Sattar has invested 20+ years in the e-learning industry and made significant contributions across multiple industries. His experiences include extensive research and consulting to convert training into high impact personalize the learning experiences for a modern learner. He innovated how to deliver compliance training through an LMS without comprising learner retention. Most recently, he has developed a unique proprietary Instructional Delivery Methodology called QS Learn and embedded into industry first cognitive learning platform CLIPP which is based on artificial intelligence. During his tenure, he has identified key criteria and e-learning compliance standards that are currently being published and implemented.

He has been nominated and received several industry-related awards. He has also been ranked among the top CEOs and got his companies listed in Inc 5000 several times among the fastest-growing companies. To get more of his insights, follow this blog.

  1. How COVID-19 is transforming the Academic Year and why online boot camps are the better alternatives?

    How COVID-19 Is Transforming the Academic Year and Why Online Bootcamps Are the Better Alternatives?

    Categories: Bootcamps
    Talking about the recent events that took place shook not only a particular nation but the entire world collectively, there has never been a pandemic that spread to the reaches of the whole wide world. Yes, it is about COVID-19 or more profoundly about the coronavirus. Since the pandemic started to emerge, no dedicated measures or precautions were adapted and the subsequent results are in front of us.
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  2. Thinking about working for Startup; here are the Highs and Lows

    Thinking About Working for Startup? Here Are the Highs and Lows

    Categories: Career Driven , Bootcamps , IT Skills
    Working for a startup can be relatively risky and pay is not even confirmed, it usually means that you would have to work harder with less pay but at the end of the day it might pay off incredibly well. Working for a startup involves a bigger notion of risk and according to the wall street journal three out of every four startups fail to work and are closed for business eventually.
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  3. Why millennials are ditching school tuition for online education

    Why millennials are ditching school tuition for online education

    Categories: Learning
    While traditional learning is the most common way to develop a career, millennials are now ditching school tuition for online education. Online education has taken over the world, and millennials took over online education or e-learning by storm.
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  4. How to Measure Effectiveness

    How to Measure Effectiveness

    Categories: Business Productivity
    As the market is becoming increasingly competitive and to keep your organization at the top, you need an effective team. Team effectiveness is generally referred to as the capacity of your entire team to achieve the goals administrated by the organization or by your own self. It takes enhanced engagement and productivity to be an effective team that can help the organization to acquire growth and success. In this article, we will discuss different parameters to measure the effectiveness of your team.
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    Leadership VS Management; Learn How to Be The Leader Vs Manager

    Categories: Career Driven , IT Skills
    The titles “LEADER and MANAGER” are frequently used in the same context. However, leadership and management go in parallel. There are millions of theories that prove them to be distinct. But have you thought about your capabilities in this regard what you would call yourself a leader or manager? If not then it’s time for self-analysis.
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  6. How Much Do It Certifications Cost?

    How Much Do It Certifications Cost?

    Categories: Learning
    Information Technology (IT) industry is evolving ever since its inception. Every year new advancements bring new trends and technologies, and you have to keep your knowledge, skills, and abilities up to date, especially if you are an IT professional
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  7. 9 Easiest It Jobs To Find Right Now

    9 Fastest IT Jobs to Land to Improve/Launch Your Career Right Now

    Categories: Career Driven , Learning
    A lot of people prefer easy jobs, a simple job that doesn't include too much hard work. It might seem strange because not everyone wants to climb up the same career ladder as you. Be that as it may, what makes an easy job “easy”? Indeed, that is totally subjective to every distinct individual, yet it, by and large, includes having a mediocre, low-stress, and pleasant job. And keeping in mind that a few jobs require long periods of experience and education, others require in-born skills, sharpened aptitudes, and on-job training. Unexpectedly, numerous jobs that fall in the latter category can likewise prompt rewarding pay.
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  8. How to Build Good Study Habits and Make Them Stick

    How to Build Good Study Habits to Guarantee Certification Success

    Categories: Learning
    Burning the midnight oil before the deadline of an assignment or before the night having an exam is not fair to academics. It's never as well early – or as well late – the sooner you get into a great ponder groove, the less demanding everything will be, and the more your chances of getting incredible marks will progress. The key to be in a successful student is learning how to study more smartly, not hardly. This gets to be more and more genuine as you advance in your instruction. An hour or two of considering a day is more often than not adequate to form it through school with good grades, but when college arrives, there aren't enough hours within the day to urge all you’re considering in on the off chance as do not know how to study smarter.
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