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  1. NetApp Clustered ONTAP CLI Cheat Sheet

    NetApp Clustered ONTAP CLI Cheat Sheet

    Categories: NetApp , Cheat Sheet
    NetApp is popular for its cloud data storage and data management systems. As a Fortune 500 company since 2012, it has remained an important leader in cloud computing and storage devices. In 2020, NetApp was the leader in cost optimization and compute management in public clouds. ONTAP helps you manage clusters through commands, such as the ones found below. Common storage tasks like qtrees and volumes are discussed as well.
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  2. A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    A Complete Netapp Certification Guide

    Categories: NetApp , Study Guides
    NetApp is a hybrid cloud service provider organization set up by Michael Malcolm, David Hitz, and James Lau in 1992. Based in the safest city of California, Sunnyvale, the company began with basic data storage solutions and proceeded onward to hybrid cloud solutions.
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  3. Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

    Categories: NetApp , Career Driven
    Must have heard about cloud storage services, right? Every organization, small or big have to store their data somewhere safe. Plus, the volume of data is so big that they cannot stock it on physical equipment like hard drives and on-premises databases. There is another reason that storing your organization's data in a cloud service means you do not have to worry about the security of the data, and you can access it anytime from anywhere. It is a convenient plus better-looking option than building an on-premises database and managing it all by yourself.
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  4. NetApp: Predictions and Projections for the Future

    NetApp: Predictions and Projections for the Future

    Categories: NetApp

    Enterprise storage has come a long way since the days of the basic mainframe and individual hard drives. Centralized storage, and in the last decade or so, cloud storage, has become the norm, with a landslide of enterprises and organizations looking to save on either space of data security spending. And, perhaps the most versatile tool to implement said strategy was, and still is NetApp.

    Not a new player in the market, NetApp celebrated 25 years of providing storage solutions last year. Having made data management a multi-faceted operation, with a vast number of data types eligible for storage, it seems as though the data management giant has been the undisputed king of the software-defined storage realm.

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  5.  The Review for NetApp ONTAP 9.7

    The Review for NetApp ONTAP 9.7

    Categories: NetApp
    NetApp recently introduced the latest version of its widely used data management software, ONTAP. The latest version is 9.7 that has major improvements that put the focus on allowing businesses to implement a powerful, smart, and secure storage infrastructure. The software enables the use of storage systems while focusing on data management.
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  6. NetApp Training and Certification Provides Hybrid Cloud Management Upgrades for Modern Enterprises

    NetApp Training and Certification Provides Hybrid Cloud Management Upgrades for Modern Enterprises

    Categories: NetApp

    Enterprises today use a combination of public clouds, on-premises computing, and private clouds in the data center in order to establish a hybrid cloud infrastructure. According to ResearchAndMarkets, the hybrid cloud market is predicted to grow from $44.6 billion in 2018 to around $97.64 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 17% throughout the forecasted timeline. This growth is largely influenced by the increasing demand from enterprises for agile, scalable, and cost-effective computing; increasing need for standard procedures for interoperability between the current systems and cloud services; rising expectations to counter the vendor lock-ins; and the expansion of digital services and associated applications.

    Organizations are demanding more computational power, while the quick adoption of hybrid cloud is likely to introduce new avenues for the hybrid cloud market. However, many IT personnel and enterprises aren’t sufficiently educated regarding the privacy and security concerns which limit the adoption of hybrid cloud. As it stands, IT professionals and organizations opt for top NetApp training in order to learn what hybrid cloud management upgrades can be acquired for their infrastructures and businesses.

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  7. Here's why NetApp Training and Certification should Matter to Companies in 2019

    Here's why NetApp Training and Certification should Matter to Companies in 2019

    Categories: NetApp

    Data management and storage certifications, such as NetApp training, are high in demand due to the rising need of respective talent needed by organizations today. The concern is to handle the bulk of data produced by the IT ops and other teams in the business. Data growth is putting an immense pressure on the enterprise IT sector, hence, making most IT managers shift to the cloud storage to deal with the issue.

    The Interop ITX 2018 State of Infrastructure Report presented a survey in which participants were asked which factors are mainly responsible for bringing the most change in an organization’s IT infrastructure environment. Around 55% of participants stated “growth of storage data” being the number one contributor. While 62% of surveyors admitted that their business data is growing at an annual rate of 10%. A Cloudian's 2017 Hybrid Cloud Storage and Adoption Trends report stated that 87% of businesses learned that they were leveraging the cloud technology to store some form of data or other.

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  8. Networking Basics: Overview of System Area Network (SAN)

    Networking Basics: Overview of System Area Network (SAN)

    Categories: NetApp

    A System Area Network or SAN is alternatively known as Storage Area Network, and it is one of the most important terminologies in computer networking. In theory, SAN is a separate network that stores and performs backups of shared resources and data. It allows all the users registered on the network full liberty of accessing those files. SANs are widely popular among organizational uses because of their sheer ability to store resources and data with maximum security and end to end encryption.

    SANs store resources and data while performing backups through an alternate network of storage devices like disk storage. It is set up in a manner which allows storage devices to be available to servers present on a wide area network and a local area network. In many cases, additional storage is required and the best way to do that is to employ extra hardware and make it accessible from any server present on the network. With a System Area Network, data backups are done safely and are kept separately from the main server. The server acts as a line of transmission that connects the stored data on a SAN with the user present on the other end.

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