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Cisco, AWS, and Microsoft Instructor: Muhammad Shoaib

Muhammad  Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib
Associate Instructor

Muhammad Shoaib is an Associate Instructor at QuickStart Technologies. He is a Computer Science graduate from PAF KIET and he also holds IELTS certificate.

He has 11+ years of diversified professional working experience on multiple technologies including CISCO, Juniper, Maipu, Microsoft, Office 365, AWS, and PowerShell. Being a Network consultant and Project Manager he has driven various successful projects. Know more about his venture by following this blog.

  1. How To Use Office 365 Like A Pro

    How To Use Office 365 Like A Pro

    Nearly each and every individual who has used a computer in the last thirty years will have definitely used Microsoft Excel, Word, used PowerPoint for presentation, sent an email through Outlook, or used Skype for business calls.
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    Agile Project Management For Data Science Projects

    Agile manifesto was published in 2001 by 17 software developers describing the 12 principles of Agile Software Development. The principles include welcoming improving requirements, even late in the development, and deliver working software continually. These are the basic principle that leads the way in Agile project management.
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  3. AWS - The Ultimate Cloud for Large-Scale Enterprises

    AWS - The Ultimate Cloud for Large-Scale Enterprises

    Organizations of every type, size, and industry are using the cloud platform for a wide variety of reasons, such as data backup, disaster recovery, email integration, virtual desktops, software development, and testing, big data analytics, and web applications. Whether its technology, television networks, banks, food manufacturers, or governments, many different organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop, maintain, and host applications. With that said, small and mid-size companies make up the majority of the market that uses AWS.
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  4. Tactics to Manage AWS-Multi Accounts

    Tactics to Manage AWS-Multi Accounts

    Over the years, Amazon web services have been the backbone of many companies by serving them. The software is designed to assist businesses with their productivity, cost-effectiveness, and modernization. The various services offered by the company have been a major reason for success for many companies. One of the most used features of AWS is managing cloud computing resources. The benefits like high data security have led companies to work on various AWS accounts, causing them trouble to manage and execute strategies for controlling various AWS accounts.
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  5. Selecting a Cloud Technology Partner

    Selecting a Cloud Technology Partner; How to Do It Right

    The delivery of different services via the internet is called cloud computing. The services that cloud computing providers offer clients are data storage, applications and tools, servers, databases, and networking. There are several cloud technologies options, out of which the two most popular technologies are hybrid and multi cloud.
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  6. Securing Cloud in 2020

    Securing Cloud in 2020; A Guide to Secure Cloud

    Cloud computing is becoming a necessity for every company. Cloud computing helps organizations store data on physical and virtual servers, which can be accessed using the internet. Installing a complete software that can improve the operations and store the data is costly for companies; hence, companies prefer to use cloud computing service providers. With all the benefits of cloud computing, one of the major drawbacks is cloud security.
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  7. Big Data or Amazon Web Services?

    Big Data or Amazon Web Services?

    Traditionally, businesses were using Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to store the company’s data. However, as the world is moving towards a digital society, it is becoming a challenge for businesses to store and handle the massive amount of data.
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  8. Top 5 AWS Certifications in 2020

    Top 5 AWS Certifications in 2020

    The rapid increase in the demand for cloud computing has led many cloud experts to enhance their skills. Many companies, like QuickStart, Google, or Microsoft, provide online certifications for cloud computing. However, Amazon Web Services still holds a 57% share in the market because of its high credibility.
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