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Sajid Ajmal

Sajid Ajmal
Sajid Ajmal
Microsoft Technologies Consultant

Sajid Ajmal is a Microsoft Technologies Consultant at QuickStart Technology. He has proficiency in various Microsoft based technologies such as SQL, Power-BI, coupled with extensive practical knowledge. 

With an Industry level experience of more than 4 years, making a career in Big Data, Data warehouse, and Business Intelligence development. Strong technical knowledge, and with an attention to detail accuracy in SQL Server/Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Power BI on Premise and Cloud have been his core area of expertise. Database Migration with faults resolution, query optimization and administering SQL Server databases are also at his fingertips. Read more about his ventures by following this blog.

  1. What are sprint reviews and sprint review meetings?

    What Are Sprint Reviews and Sprint Review Meetings?

    Categories: Project Management
    Sprint review in its most unchanged form is a meeting that the development team, scrum master, and the product owner and stakeholder will be attending. The team would also give a demo on the product that is under discussion and will also determine which projects are finished and which need to be finished so to speak. The very purpose of the sprint review meeting is for the team, customers, and stakeholders the work that is being accomplished over the sprint while comparing it to the commitment that is given at the beginning of the sprint.
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  2. What Is a Feasibility Study in Project Management? How to Do It?

    What Is a Feasibility Study in Project Management? How to Do It?

    Categories: Project Management
    Feasibility in general terms means the authenticity of something or making sure that something would work as the description around that product or service explains. This is a general definition of feasibility that something can be used to conduct a particular task and the chances of that thing coming to your use to pull off that certain work is convincing. But merging it into the digital or business world; whenever you have to present your manager or investment personnel with a new idea or something that requires capital you would have to provide them with a dedicated feasibility study of the idea.
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  3. What is Earned Value Management and How to calculate it

    What is Earned Value Management and How to Calculate It

    Categories: Project Management
    Well, there is a saying that management is the key to success. If we look around and analyze, we will find this saying nothing but true. And it is not only about the business industry anymore. Anything we need to do in our professional life or personal life needs management. No one can say it is an easy thing to manage something, be it a project or an office meeting. It takes away one’s peace because there are multiple things one needs to look after when he starts managing something.
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  4. How to Chat Professionally; Essentials of Professional Chat Etiquette

    How to Chat Professionally; Essentials of Professional Chat Etiquette

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Professionalism is required in every field whether you're talking to someone in the workplace or when you're chatting with anyone. It may take just two words to make you embarrassed in front of dozens of people. No matter which app your organization is choosing to communicate with the people, it will always require a unique amount of professionalism. This professionalism needs to be maintained at all costs if you want to make a good impression on the upper management.
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  5. 30+ Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions

    30+ Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions

    Categories: Project Management , Interview QAs
    The world we are living in is very fast-paced. The focus today is on the results, and nobody has time for things that are not so fast. It is the case of our personal lives as well as our professional lives. All of us want to run fast, regardless of what we are leaving behind. Being fast is not the only requirement of today's world, as being efficient is a must-have thing as well.
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  6. 10 Certifications Under $200 That will Earn You a Higher Salary

    10 Certifications Under $200 That will Earn You a Higher Salary

    Categories: Career Driven , Learning
    Are you fed up working as an ordinary professional, glued to a desk, or with limited supplies and privileges? Do you want to up your game considerably enough so you can land a decent and high paying job at the end? If this is what you have been looking for then you have come to the right place. It can be rather difficult to find a job if you don't have some practical certification backing it up in the IT sector. Working a mere job might not cover the whole expense of preparation and exams for particular IT certifications, so as it happens for the majority of people their options are pretty thin. That is why we have a list of the top ten most competitive certifications that can land you a decent job and are only less or equivalent to $200 a certification;
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  7. CAPM Or (PMP)® ; Which Is Better

    CAPM Or (PMP)® ; Which Is Better

    Categories: Project Management
    Project management is a fulfilling and rewarding professional field. Moreover, project management can open ways to exciting work in an assortment of ventures. Many striving project managers do understand that to propel their careers in project management, they need the right certifications as they play a critical role.
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  8. How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 best scrum boards ideas

    How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 most beautiful scrum boards

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Scrum is the subset of Agile which solely focuses on increasing the efficiency of the software development and combined practices. Scrum is a digital representation of the tasks that are iterated into two or three portions consisting of days or weeks work and how the criteria could be met by performing quick sprints to cover the work. Most of the time scrum boards are created to have a graphical representation of what the tasks are and in what manner these should be completed. This is where the idea of developing a personalized scrum board comes into play.
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