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Sajid Ajmal

Sajid Ajmal
Sajid Ajmal
Microsoft Technologies Consultant

Sajid Ajmal is a Microsoft Technologies Consultant at QuickStart Technology. He has proficiency in various Microsoft based technologies such as SQL, Power-BI, coupled with extensive practical knowledge. 

With an Industry level experience of more than 4 years, making a career in Big Data, Data warehouse, and Business Intelligence development. Strong technical knowledge, and with an attention to detail accuracy in SQL Server/Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Power BI on Premise and Cloud have been his core area of expertise. Database Migration with faults resolution, query optimization and administering SQL Server databases are also at his fingertips. Read more about his ventures by following this blog.

  1. 10 Certifications Under $200 that will earn you a Higher Salary

    10 Certifications Under $200 that will earn you a Higher Salary

    Categories: Career Driven , Learning
    Are you fed up working as an ordinary professional, glued to a desk, or with limited supplies and privileges? Do you want to up your game considerably enough so you can land a decent and high paying job at the end? If this is what you have been looking for then you have come to the right place. It can be rather difficult to find a job if you don't have some practical certification backing it up in the IT sector. Working a mere job might not cover the whole expense of preparation and exams for particular IT certifications, so as it happens for the majority of people their options are pretty thin. That is why we have a list of the top ten most competitive certifications that can land you a decent job and are only less or equivalent to $200 a certification;
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  2. CAPM Or (PMP)® ; Which Is Better

    CAPM Or (PMP)® ; Which Is Better

    Categories: Project Management
    Project management is a fulfilling and rewarding professional field. Moreover, project management can open ways to exciting work in an assortment of ventures. Many striving project managers do understand that to propel their careers in project management, they need the right certifications as they play a critical role.
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  3. How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 best scrum boards ideas

    How to create a scrum board; take inspiration from these 10 most beautiful scrum boards

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Scrum is the subset of Agile which solely focuses on increasing the efficiency of the software development and combined practices. Scrum is a digital representation of the tasks that are iterated into two or three portions consisting of days or weeks work and how the criteria could be met by performing quick sprints to cover the work. Most of the time scrum boards are created to have a graphical representation of what the tasks are and in what manner these should be completed. This is where the idea of developing a personalized scrum board comes into play.
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  4. How long do IT certifications last; Recertify before your IT certification expires

    How long do IT certifications last; Recertify before your IT certification expires

    Categories: Learning
    Even if you have a high paying job and are having the time of your life, it is important to remain up to date with what is happening in the world. For instance, if you have an IT certification that landed you the job, you must be looking out for any updates that have been made regarding your certification in order to look for better economic opportunities.
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  5. What Counts As Project Management Experience And How To Get It

    What Counts As Project Management Experience And How To Get It

    Categories: Project Management
     If you've at any point gone after a project management job or investigated getting a project management certification, you've likely gone over a necessity for "project management experience". For instance, consider that for a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, PMI needs you to show 4,500 hours of experience managing and coordinating projects. For the Certified Associate in Project Management degree, you need 1,500 hours of experience or 23 hours of relevant academic education. But while project management experience is a plain prerequisite for many jobs, you might be considering what qualifies as project management experience — and how you can approach getting it.
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  6. 5 Agile Strategies that Will Shrink Your Meeting Time and Expand your efficiency

    5 Agile Strategies that Will Shrink Your Meeting Time and Expand your efficiency

    If you want to exploit the maximum potential of performance in your organization, everything begins with a strategy. Key goals are imperative to the achievement of your organization’s future. In any case, sadly, many organizations (nine out of 10 by certain assessments) hold meetings to devise a strategy and afterward neglect to execute it. If you want to guarantee the success and profitability of these meetings, you need good leadership, and you'll have to follow some practices that are strict to some extent. The agile strategy has been a go-to in the IT world for a considerable length of time. But as more organizations have moved and are moving to a remote environment, agile is beginning to increase genuine foothold in enterprises no matter how you look at it.
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  7. How To Effectively Lead Remote Teams

    How To Effectively Lead Remote IT Teams

    Categories: Business Productivity , IT Ops & Management
    The consistent walk towards working from home and remote teams was accelerated definitely by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent report by IBM, it has been found that the greater part of workers need remote work to be their essential technique for working, and 75 percent said they'd like the alternative to keep working remotely for some time. Many organizations have agreed to this.
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  8. 3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves, for Higher Ed

    3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves, for Higher Ed

    Categories: Learning
    If there is something in the world that is constant, it is the change. Nobody in the world can deny that saying. Even if we try, we cannot escape the change. Sometimes, there are sudden changes and shifts in societies and businesses that take place unexpectedly when there happen some unfortunate events. These shifts transform society and give it a completely new shape. For example, when world war 2 started, American men took off to fight, and women of that time stood up and fulfilled the responsibilities of men, and did it quite well. But after that, women never looked back, and they still go shoulder to shoulder with men in every field.
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