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  1. Rapid HTML5 Training | Quick Start in 2018

    This course has all the basics you have to understand to ace HTML5. With this course, students will gain tools explanation that need for .html components, headings paragraphs, editors, records types, quotations, and comments, blocks div and span, tables, forms, media audio, and video, semantic layouts, SVG, Canvas, and a lot more in HTML5.

  2. Python Programming: Introduction (LO-94010)
    Virtual Classroom
    4.5 (8 Review)

    Python® has been around for a considerable length of time and it's as yet one of the most popular and versatile languages for programming out there.

  3. Python® Programming: Advanced (LO-94012)
    Virtual Classroom
    4 (1 Review)

    Python® keeps on being a well-known programming language, possibly because of its capacity to complete a ton of work in a few lines of code, and its flexibility.

  4. Cloud Enabling Enterprises
    On Demand
    5 (1 Review)
    A cloud-enabled organization exploits new, disruptive cloud patterns and benefits to deliver next generation systems and services. Building a cloud-enabled enterprise requires more than implementing cloud technologies and procuring cloud services. Web-based systems are preferred to enable anywhere, anytime access.
  5. Programming C#: Intermediate

    In this course, the understudies gain proficiency with the core ideas of the program structure of C#, implementation details, language syntax, and afterward unite their insight as they develop a true application of graphics.

  6. Programming C#: Fundamental
    On Demand
    5 (1 Review)

    This course shows the understudies to build up the fundamental programming aptitudes that are required for designers to make the applications of Windows utilizing the language of C#.

  7. MINT Medical Imaging Network Training (MINT)
    Virtual Classroom
    Review This Course!

    This course is aimed at people who want to update their medical imaging and network technology knowledge or for people who want to enter this rapidly growing field and build a career in it.

  8. GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

    Even though Google Cloud Platform is not the most famous cloud service in the present day, it is for sure the best platform that offers support for high-end machine learning applications.

  9. From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things
    On Demand
    5 (1 Review)
    Home Automation projects: Measuring Distance, Measuring Light Intensity, Controlling switches with sensors, Controlling switches over local and external networks.
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