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Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan
  1. A CIO’s Guide on Information Technology Scope, Careers and Challenges

    A CIO’s Guide on Information Technology Scope, Careers, and Challenges

    Categories: Industry Experts
    Information technology offers some of the hottest careers in the 21st century. We interviewed Sanjeev Jain, a veteran IT professional working in the capacity of Chief Information Officer at Integreon Managed Solutions, to know his thoughts on information technology as a field of profession. Based on his experience he reflected upon some facts that can provide direction to those looking to start or switch a career in IT. Since Sanjeev is a veteran, he comes with a broad knowledge and exposure in the IT industry, extended over more than 15 years.
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  2. Cybersecurity Careers Landscape from an Expert’s Lens: Scope, Salaries and more!

    Cybersecurity Careers Landscape from an Expert’s Lens: Scope, Salaries and more!

    Categories: Industry Experts
    In an interview with Jay Schwitzgebel, Chief Information Officer at Modernizing Medicine, we uncovered answers to some of the most enlightening questions around cybersecurity as one of the hottest fields of professions in IT.
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  3. How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    How to Launch your Career in Digital Marketing

    Categories: Career Driven , Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing is a comprehensive term or concept that allows organizations to use multiple online strategies to identify, build and target relevant customer segments to convince them into becoming paying customers. These strategies include promotional campaigns, engagement campaigns, display campaigns, search campaigns and many other types of advertising campaigns to get the product, service or content exposed on all the available touchpoints.
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  4. Digital Marketing Done Right; Tips And Tricks

    Digital Marketing Done Right; Tips And Tricks

    Every business is all about marketing in the information age. Companies are concerned about their products more and more. All of them want to be present on all the social media platforms. They are marketing their products and services digitally on a consistent basis.
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    Most Popular IT Certifications in Women; 2020 Edition

    Categories: Career Driven , Learning
    IT or information technology benefits the business world and it permits associations to work more effectively and to amplify efficiency. In business, individuals search for approaches to accomplish more work in a shorter measure of time and it ought to be just conceivable through the improvement of Information Technology. Quicker correspondence, electronic capacity and the insurance of records are focal points that IT can have on our project. IT is driven by the requests of the new, serious business condition from one viewpoint and significant changes in the idea of computers in the other. Data Technology frameworks come looking like numerous mechanically propelled gadgets that help convey significant data to managers and along these lines, they utilize this data to settle on a pivotal choice in regards to the tasks of their association. IT has to do with computer applications, on which almost every workplace is needy.
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  6. Stuck at Home? Here are 6 Online Courses to Help You Stay Productive

    Categories: Learning
    With the total number of COVID-19 cases reaching 6 million globally, this pandemic has taken a significant toll on the world and the way we spend our daily lives. From lost jobs to diminishing business opportunities, lack of business expansion and education-oriented travels, and an overall low for growth and productivity. Since every low end to bring another high, new promising situations and opportunities emerge. The post COVID era is a time to dig in and take advantage of new opportunities with more tech-friendly approaches expected to work.
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  7. SharePoint Features You Need to Know

    SharePoint Features You Need to Know


    Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the most widely used document management applications in the business environment. The package offers a range of features that allow users to organize their files, share them when required and locate them for various projects.

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