SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (MS-55042)

This three-day instructor-led Microsoft Training course provides students with the essential knowledge to work with all the linked SharePoint business intelligence services comprising Performance Point Service, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, and Visio Services.
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This three-day instructor-led Microsoft Training course provides students with the essential knowledge to work with all the linked SharePoint business intelligence services comprising Performance Point Service, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, and Visio Services.

About this course:

This three-day instructor-led course gives students with the essential knowledge to work with all the related SharePoint business intelligence services with Performance Point Service, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, and Visio Services. The novel and enhanced Business Intelligence Center is explored, and all the stimulating innovative features within the SharePoint 2013 release are covered.

The focal point of this Microsoft Training course is on the SharePoint 2013 business intelligence proposal and not on the SQL business intelligence services.

As far as feasible each of the modules is individual permitting for customization of the course for those audiences that possibly will not have a concern in a certain service.

A professional SharePoint Administrator earns an average of $100,719 per year.

Course Objective: 

After finishing this course, students will be able to: 

  • Surf the data in the cube by means of SQL Server Management Studio

  • Surf data by means of Visual Studio 2013

  • Attach to a tabular source, introduce tables, and search the data

  • Discover the options and settings accessible within the new SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

  • Construct a new web application and business intelligence spot while discovering the features of both

  • Build a SharePoint library to grab Excel workbooks and determine trusted file locations

  • Utilize the Power View add-in for Excel

  • Create an Excel workbook with a constraint and save it to a SharePoint file library

  • Insert Web Apps to a webpage

  • Investigate the Dashboard Designer line and identify how to construct and arrange a data source

  • Construct and organize a customary KPI and a scorecard

  • Construct and arrange a leaf KPI and a scorecard

  • Construct two blank KPI’s and then move them into an objective KPI

  • Build and organize an analytic chart and an analytic network, insert them to a dashboard, install them to SharePoint, and discover the options accessible

  • Construct and organize a filter, and fix the filter into both the analytic chart and analytic framework formed prior

  • Build and arrange a cascading filter and then connect it into a new analytic chart and framework

  •  Build a Time Intelligence data association, a Time Intelligence filter, and build a report by means of both

  • Build four copies of the Objective Scorecard, organize settings in each of the four copies, and set up them to SharePoint in a dashboard

  • Craft a new leaf KPI and use that KPI in two new scorecards, one with a filter configured, and one without

  • Construct a new dashboard with two pages and evaluation editing options

  • Construct a representation, upload the document to the Student BI Site documents library, and inspect the drawing in a browser

  • Build a data-associated drawing and upload the document to the Student BI Site documents files

  • Build an objective scorecard and corresponding approach map, put them in a dashboard, and then upload the dashboard to the Student BI Site

  • Employ Power Pivot within Excel to bring in a table from SQL Server

  • Analyze the relationships offered in the imported tables from SQL Server and then import an supplementary table and construct a relationship between it and the on hand

  • Hide from view columns they don’t wish for reflected in the resultant PivotTable

  • Build a PivotTable within an accessible worksheet

  • Hand over administrators and permissions on the BDC Metadata Store

  • Discover the diverse content types accessible in SharePoint 2013 and learn how to place them and their equivalent settings

  • Build a document library, construct it to allow precise content types, and then learn how to remove the document library

  • Build and construct a new outer content type

  • Build an external list linked with the new outer content type formed prior

  • Create a new external content type and a fresh host URL, and then generate an external list and profile page

  • Insert a custom action to an outer list

  • Navigate the Report Builder 3.0 line

  • Construct an embedded data source linking into a database

  • Construct an embedded data source linking into an OLAP database

  • Build a shared data source via the Report Manager

  • build a shared dataset via the shared link they created in the prior exercise

  • Create a new dashboard and discover three diverse ways to tie the Web Apps


This course is specifically designed for:

  • Power consumers, business intelligence developers and IT professionals that will be concerned with the plan, development and preservation of SharePoint 2013 business intelligence solutions.


Prior to attending this course, students should have:

  • Knowledge of the reimbursement of business intelligence.

Recommended prerequisite course:

  • Designing Self-Service Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions (MS-20467)

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    Brand Microsoft
    Subjects Business Productivity
    Lab Access Yes
    Technology Microsoft
    Learning Style Virtual Classroom
    Difficulty Intermediate
    Course Duration 3 Days
    Language English
    SATV Value 3 Days
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